Oak Ash and Thorn Tarot review

The Oak Ash and Thorn Tarot created by Stephanie Burrows and illustrated by Adam Oehlers is another Kickstarter project I talked about in my series Tarot to Come that is wildly popular among the tarot community. With over 2,100 backers raising over 96,000 pounds, or $127,00 USD is INSANE! My heart immediately goes out to Stephanie as I couldn’t imagine being a one person show and trying to fill all those orders by myself!

The illustrator of the Oak Ash and Thorn Tarot, Adam Oehlers, has exhibited world wide from Australia, the UK, Europe and the US. Currently residing in England, Adam has worked with many publishers and has worked as a Concept artist, Character Designer and Writer for Animations and Computer games. He has a great love of old stories and fairy tales and aims to tell a story through every illustration. In his work he strives to create a sense of nostalgia to take the viewer back to a forgotten memory, with the goal of reminding them of the soft magic that surrounds us.

Stephanie Burrows, the creator of the Oak Ash and Thorn Tarot, inspired by the West Yorkshire countryside where she calls home. Some of Stephanie’s earliest memories of Tarot include her mother reading Tarot for friends and family. Her own journey with Tarot came much later in life, after the passing of her father. Now, Stephanie enjoys starting her day with Tarot for inspiration and guidance. 

Before we babble on too long let’s take a look at the deck…

Oak, Ash & Thorn is eco-friendly; printed in the UK with FSC accredited/carbon balanced paper and veggie inks. There are 78 Tarot cards + two companion reference cards, a secret bonus card, and two additional art cards. That’s 83 cards in total! The deck is printed on 400gsm card stock and protected by matte, anti-scuff laminate. The card are housed in a 350gsm tuck flap box. In lieu of a guidebook are two double-sided companion reference cards. They include card meanings that thoughtfully depict the nature of each card, ultimately allowing for this deck to be read intuitively, with just the right amount of guidance to support you.

Personally I am a big fan of this card stock. It has that lovely feel to it and a good quality thickness to the card to make it lovely to shuffle with. Whether hand over or riffle this is one of those decks that when you shuffle you feel fierce… similar feeling to when you wear high heels 🙂 For those with smaller hands be aware this deck may be difficult to handle, as the card thickness is enough to make the entire deck a bit of a chunkster. She thick, so there’s a lot to hold onto! I think the deck also offers opportunities for those deck modders out there, whether you like to trim or edge your deck, this one would be nice to sit and mod with. I am just going to leave it as is, but I can see others having fun doing a craftastic project!

As a fun little secret bonus, for those of you that are not aware: This dynamic duo has a new deck in the works! The bonus card ‘possibilities’ is a sneak peak into their project and what we can expect from this new deck. From what I have been made aware is the new deck can be a stand alone, or can be combined with or a companion to the Oak Ash and Thorn Tarot.

The Oak Ash and Thorn Tarot is an all animal deck featuring beautiful renderings of all the adorable woodland creatures. Animal deck lovers out there, this is THE deck for you!

Each of the suits has their assigned woodland creature. Cups being squirrels, Wands are foxes, Pentacles are rabbits and Swords are crows. If you think you know which suit is my favorite comment down below 😉 The Major Arcana also features other adorable animals like the hedgehog, deer, mice, various birds insects and invertebrates.

At the time of writing this all of the initial copies of the deck have been sold out. However I spoke with Stephanie and she stated that they are planning a reprint for around February 2021. Make sure to follow her instagram not only for all the beautiful photos but to stay up to date with any information.

Do you have or have you worked with the Oak Ash and Thorn Tarot? If so comment down below what are your thoughts or experiences in working with the deck ? Share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest so we can all learn and grow together!

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