The Runic Odyssey Oracle

Hey Squirrel Friend! I’m really excited to share a deck with you that I discussed earlier this year while it was in pre-production. In my quarterly series Decks to Come I like to share tarot, oracle and divination decks that I am excited about! These decks could be coming to Kickstarter, are currently taking pre-orders or decks that are about to be released. So if you haven’t seen my Decks to Come series I highly suggest you check it out!

Today’s oracle deck, the Runic Odyssey Oracle is what happens when runes make their way to a deck. The Runic Odyssey Oracle is the product of French graphic arts designer Eva. Her interests in personal development and spirituality led her to fuse her passions and share her creation with us. This deck was funded on Kickstarter and raised over 16,000 euros to make this project come to life!

Before we go into some of the details about the Runic Odyssey Oracle let’s take a look at the deck…

Jumping right into the deck we have 25 rune cards with an additional 8 moon phase cards making for a total of a 33 card deck. Printed on high quality 400gsm stock with gold matte gilding and gold foiling throughout the deck. The Runic Odyssey Oracle comes in a durable magnetic box complete with guidebook in both English and French. AND you get a nice printed cotton bag with your purchase. The Runic Odyssey IS sold in France but is available world-wide, it retails for 35 euro or $41 US.

Now here’s the thing… I am looking at this deck through the lense of knowing little to nothing about runes! I was personally drawn to the deck for a few reasons: I think it is absolutely GORGEOUS and the quality of the deck is superb especially for the price of the deck it is a great value, and it seems like a great introduction into learning more about runes.

As a beginner I appreciate the simplicity of the guidebook. I think it gives enough information without being overwhelming to someone like myself that has no idea what I’m doing lol. The guidebook for the Runic Odyssey Oracle gives information on: What runes are, their origins and how to use them along with simple spreads on how to utilize the deck. Each card has both an upright and reversal meaning to the card and I really like the correspondences!

For example: The rune, or card, URUZ, meaning strength and determination it’s correspondences are:

  • Element: Earth
  • Tree: Birch, Elder
  • Herb: Sphagnum Moss
  • Crystal: Moonstone, Azurite
  • Animal: Bovine in general
  • Astrology: Taurus

For those that are very familiar with and/or work with runes regularly I suspect they would be able to work with this deck with ease. As a new learner into runes the cards and guidebook are easy enough to follow along and aid in the learning process. I believe the overall aesthetic and quality of the deck certainly make it inviting to work with and with the price point your overall value for the deck is worth it. Hievaya is a pleasure to chat with as well, I have had a few interactions with her on Instagram and she has always been very friendly and helpful with any questions making the purchasing experience a pleasant one!

Do you have or have you worked with the Runic Odyssey Oracle? Or do you work with runes in general? Comment down below and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest your thoughts, opinions or experiences with these so we can all learn and grow together!

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