Tarot of the Holy Spectrum- a Review

Tarot of the Holy Spectrum is a recently released tarot deck in 2020 and created by Chase Voorhees! Tarot of the Holy Spectrum is a visual delight intended to provide a cohesive color language to inspire and bring life to the archetypes. 

I decided pretty early on that each suit of The Minor Arcana would be a complete color spectrum. The Court Cards would be monochromatic, and The Major Arcana would feature black and white imagery with a single highlighted color, determined by the particular card’s number. The Fool is the only card to feature every color in the form of a spectrum.

Chase Voorhees

The cards are printed on beautiful, high quality 350gsm Art Paper, featuring a matte black finish on both the backs and the edges of the cards. The artistic intention around this choice was to create the illusion of a black void when the deck is face down. Each time you reach for your deck, it offers the ritual of reaching into the unknown to receive guidance and clarity from the cards.

The cards are traditional Tarot size, and come in a gorgeous, matte black custom designed box, specifically created for the deck by Chase. The deck includes 78 cards with with matte finish and black edging and backs. Housed in a simple but elegant matte black box, with a holographic infinity loop on the cover. This Tarot deck does not come with a guide book. The intention behind this choice is to empower the reader to come to their own understanding of what the cards mean for them.

CLICK HERE to watch the full flipthru & review

I feel like normally I get the most excited from the Majors in a deck. It’s those cards that make or break purchasing a deck and the minors don’t hold as much value to me. In this particular case it’s quite the opposite! Don’t get me wrong! I like some of the majors, but it’s the minors that REALLY draw me to this deck!

My two favorite cards in the Major Arcana are Death and Justice. Honestly not gonna get real deep with reasoning other than they just look really cool!

In the Majors the Fool is the only card that has the full spectrum of colors represented in the lemniscate where as the rest of the cards are mostly black and muted with maybe a splash of color to give the cards a little depth and not be so flat.

These two cards images are just really striking to me and invoke a feeling of “coooooooool”

In the Minors it’s very apparent that the artist really starts to play around with color. It’s this color that for me sets the stage for an interesting mood and emotion with the card. More importantly, I love how Chase plays with perspective.

The deck is based in the RWS system with traditional imagery overall, but it’s through this play with color and perspective that really changes the feel of the cards for me.

For instance…in the 2 of pentacles the reader is viewing the image from the vantage point of slightly above the figure. We are looking down, as she is doing the same, looking at her two pentacles and really weighing out her options and figuring out how to balance them both.

This angel of viewing the 4 of swords is also very similar where the reader has the vantage point of looking down over the scene. How does this card speak differently to you? Or does it, from this viewpoint?

At the time of writing this the first edition of the Tarot of the Holy Spectrum has been sold out. It seems Chase has plans for a second edition and invites anyone interested to sign up for his mailing list to be notified of any updates. On his website he also does list 3 approved vendors/online stores that were also selling the deck, so it may be worth checking them out if the first edition was something you were looking to get your hands on!

Do you have or have you worked with this deck? What are your thoughts and opinions on it? Comment down below and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest so we can all learn and grow together 🙂

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