I’m on PATREON! I welcome you to JOIN and SUPPORT me on Patreon! (And a special THANK YOU)

Hey Squirrel Friend 🙂

My name is Pappa Squirrel! I’m a Crystal wielding, Tarot slangin’ Aries born & Spiritually bred Empath & Animal Whisperer. I create many different types of content all within the Metaphysical Niche. I write these weekly blogs, post across multiple social media platforms such as my: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more ; Along with creating entertaining and educational videos on Youtube!

Although I cover all types of content in the metaphysical niche I primarily focus on tarot. I still consider myself to be new in my tarot journey and pride myself in creating an open environment where tarot newbs and novices alike can share their experience to help us all learn and grow together! I STRIVE to create the most entertaining and educational content possible. It’s one way I show my appreciation to YOU! You take precious time out of your day to read or watch my content and I want nothing but the best for you! This is why I am consistently focusing and investing back physically, mentally, emotionally and financially into what I create to make the best experience for you!

Many people do not realize the amount of time and labor involved in creating the content that I do! It takes ALOT of work to consistently be creating content on a weekly basis ( and sometimes up to twice a week )! Between the planning, research, script writing, filming and editing at times has taken months to produce depending on the content itself! And don’t even get me started on the financial side of it all…. lol

Subscribers have been asking me for months to do this project of creating a Patreon! Asking for a way to support me in other ways! And I’m not going to lie… as flattering as it was and as grateful as I am for having such a loving and supporting community around me… the idea of it all still feels weird I suppose! It’s hard to put into words! One thing that was EXTREMELY important to me (as it always is) was to still be able to provide VALUE to those that support me! And after taking several months to really think about what benefits I could provide to my patrons I think I have come up with a fair system! So, guess what? I’m on Patreon! 🙂

As Patreon requests I have created different tier systems, depending on what level of financial support you are comfortable giving or benefits you want to receive there’s an option for anyone interested! I welcome you to join me and support if you wish on Patreon! It would mean the WORLD to me! Patron’s financial support would allow me to continue to invest back into my work which ultimately benefits everyone! Improving video quality with better equipement, or online tools, or perhaps purchasing an extra tarot deck to be able to do giveaways and give back some of the love are just a few examples.

I also just want to take this time to thank ALL of my followers/ subscribers/ Squirrel Friends 🙂 Each and everyone of you are amazing and I appreciate you SO much! I couldn’t do what I do if it wasn’t for you! Even if you can’t or do not want to be a Patreon supporter its OK 🙂 You still support me in SO many ways you may not even realize:

( The examples I am going to give are specific to YouTube but still applies to any and ALL social media platforms INCLUDING this blog)

  • Just by watching my videos is supporting me! When you engage with my content in any way this tells the algorithm Gods it’s worth engaging with
    • By watching ALL of my video helps increase the video’s watch time! This helps improve the longevity of the video because it tells YouTube its WORTH watching ALL of it and therefore they are more likely to promote the video to new faces
    • Also by watching all of the video means that you see the ads ( and for those that are patient enough to sit through the 20 second commercial without skipping it ) is even MORE appreciated because that means I get paid the ad revenue… and ultimately paid for my work
  • Also, by engaging with the video, by commenting or liking the video ( heck, even disliking the video: Yes haters, your helping out by watching and engaging too 😉 ) Engaging with the video is just another metric. Though its not AS important as the watch time, it still is a metric and at the end of the day I personally LOVE it because I get to hear your thoughts and opinions and it gives me a way to interact with you 🙂
  • Another GREAT you help to support me is by SHARING my content! Sharing my pictures or videos with your family, or friends, or in your online communities is another way to help me to grow and support me and the channel! Word of Mouth is GOLD! And when you share my content with others it means SO much to me!

No matter what way you wish to support me or are comfortable with I can’t communicate how much I appreciate you for doing that! I hope that I tell you this enough! I am continuing to work hard to create the most engaging and educational content for you and strive on consistently improving! I appreciate you always taking time out of your day to listen to my ramble, I just can’t thank you enough !!!!!!!!!

Much love and light Squirrel Friend!! xoxo

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