We adopted a Kitten (or two) Kitten Adoption through the KC Pet Project

Located in the Midtown Westport District of Kansas City sits a quaint little cafe that serves more than just coffee. The Whiskers Cat Cafe is a place you can go get your coffee and kitty fix in a comfortable fun environment. Whiskers is designed with both humans and the cats in mind: The cafe side of the building where coffee and tea is prepared is separate from the lounge, or kitty room. If someone has allergies, they can enjoy the activity from the viewing window for a healthy vantage point! The lounge area is uniquely designed by the cat behavior specialist from the KC Pet Project by creating a kitty playground with plenty of places to climb, scratch, sleep, snuggle, and hide. The cats have their own rooms for retreat if they need a break! For humans, they have lots of space and multiple seating options to choose from – including an area to lay down and wait for the cats to pile on! 

While there was a small fee in order to book a reservation I was happy to know that this money went to help support the cats and the operations of the facility itself. Whiskers Cat Cafe works along with the KC Pet Project: A nonprofit charitable organization operating the Kansas City, Missouri Animal Shelter. They care for over 10,000 animals a year and work collaboratively with Animal Control and other animal welfare organizations to increase the number of homeless pets adopted, and focus on lifesaving programs promoting pet retention, identification, lost pet reunions, and pet ownership education throughout the community.

We had already visited the Cafe once and had so much fun getting to see all the different cats available at Whiskers. Some of the older cats were the resident cats, there to help facilitate a healthy environment surrounded by ALL the kittens available for adoption. The KC Pet Project had rescued many of these kittens from situations of a house fire, strays, hoarding situations and I’m sure others. It was nice to see a healthy, loving environment for these kittens to have a better quality of life! After our second visit to the Cafe it was a done deal….after some approval paperwork…we had officially become parents! We adopted a kitten, or two šŸ™‚

Meet Aioli

Aioli is a 4 month old orange tabby female, which interestingly enough: Only 20% of orange tabbies are female. She’s special! She’s a toe biter, loves to crawl into anything to hide and do a sneak attack, and loves kitten treats!


BOGO is also a female tabby at roughly 4 months old and shes my shadow. BOGO loves to follow us around the apartment as she’s curious about all the things! She loves to cuddle, she’s very talkative and she loves to jump!

One of the reasons I really loved about the KC Pet Project and specifically the Whiskers Cat Cafe was their focus on the kittens health, both physically, mentally and emotionally. During our visit to the Cafe ground rules were put into place to allow the kittens to interact on their own levels of comfort. And with the adoption process they stress the importance of the kittens developmental health with adopting two kittens. Hence, why we got two and why her name is BOGO šŸ™‚

Despite warnings that the kittens may hide their first 24 hours upon bringing them home, just in case they need time to get used to their new environment, the kittens immediately fit right in. We’ve had no issues with using the litter box, both of the kittens took to each other and get along great, and they both were extremely happy and comfortable here filled with nothing but purrr’s. We designated spots in the apartment, like the loft, as “safe spaces” that if the kittens needed an area to retreat to be alone or have quiet time that they can. We were anticipating them hiding there the first night, but were pleasantly surprised that they came out and hung out with us all evening!

As someone who grew up working in Animal Hospitals and volunteering many years of my early adult-hood at the Wild Life Center of Virginia, animals are extremely important to me. Making the choice to adopt a pet from your local shelter has so many benefits and is something I would advocate doing over sourcing and purchasing a pure bred. Even if you don’t need a pet in your life you can always donate time or money to support their cause, support their operations and ultimately benefit the lives of the pets they save. Most places like Whiskers Cat Cafe also sell merchandise as a way to financially support the operations, things from t-shirts, to coffee mugs, gift certificates and other pet related memorabilia!

If you are interested: Here is a list of Cat Cafe’s in North America! Perhaps if your looking for a kitten to adopt, or just want a fun activity to do and ultimately help support make sure to check out that site, who knows, you may have a cat cafe near you you didn’t even know about?

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  1. It really sucks that I found your blog after I left KC šŸ„“ but Im so glad you have kitties! Can’t wait until I can have one. Congrats on your furbaby!

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    1. Thank you šŸ˜

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  2. Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall says:

    Cute kitties. And thank you from someone on the board of a small animal welfare nonprofit!

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    1. Awwww so cool šŸ™‚

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