Threads of Fate Oracle ENTIRE COLLECTION

The ever-so-popular Threads of Fate Oracle decks were originally a Kickstarter funded in April of 2018 has evolved from a deck I didn’t even recognize into what it is today! Since their Kickstarter original deck the creators Brit June and Blair Porter have not only adapted the deck to it’s modern day version, but have expanded the collection to three different styles including the Lumen Edition, the Shadow Edition and the Rose Gold Edition. Recently in the earlier part of 2020 they released their first Tarot Decks in two editions: The Journeyer and The Ascendant. We will not be talking about their tarot decks today however if you would like to see the full write-up and comparison I did on both The Journeyer and The Ascendant feel free to check out that blog!

All of the editions they have available are absolutely stunning; And although having options is a great thing, sometimes it can be overwhelming when the decks boast a price tag of $69 USD! You know you love all three but you don’t know which one you love more, and it’s already expensive as it is so you want to make the right choice because you want to make sure you’re going to love the deck you get! Well don’t you worry your squirrel brain that’s why I am here to help!

Today we are going to be taking a look at all three editions of the Threads of Fate Oracle Decks: The Lumen, the Shadow and the Rose Gold Edition. We’re going to talk about what exactly your getting for that price tag and also some alternative cheaper options if you want to get one of the decks! Cliff’s notes: If your attracted to their decks I promise you will love whichever deck you chose, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

Quality Control:

The cards are printed on 400GSM card stock, 4.75″x3.25″ larger than standard tarot size with gold foil art on both sides, velvet matte lamination and either matte gold or black edging. The box and book is also matte laminated with gold foiling and with 120 pages in the guidebook its a nice easy read.

The quality of the cards themselves to the packaging is superior to many decks. The tactile experience of handling this deck tantalizes the senses inviting to reader to want to work with the deck more and more! Though the imagery itself is rather simple the cards themselves have depth to them overlayed onto a beautiful background ( with the exception of the Rose Gold Edition which embraces the minimalist style ). The art itself has a very ‘boho chique vibe’ to them which I always joke around with Brit and Blair telling them they should expand into more merchandise like clothing or home goods that have their images on them!


As mentioned earlier we have three different design options with their oracle decks: The Rose Gold Edition, The Lumen and The Shadow Edition. I will be doing a side by side flip-thru of these decks on my Youtube channel so if you would like to see the decks together to better make a decision feel free to check it out!

Pricing Alternatives

Fortunately for us there are pricing alternatives when it comes to getting one of these decks:

If you don’t mind minor imperfections to the box you can get an unopened deck for only $50USD. This is almost a $20 savings on the deck ! Sure, there are some damages to the box, as they state “They are still wrapped in plastic but there is visible damage along the box. Some are almost invisible, others have more.” So if you don’t mind a minor ding or two to your box but have a perfectly acceptable deck at a more affordable price then this is a great alternative!

Don’t want to sacrifice any quality at all? The Threads of Fate website has alternative payment plans utilizing AfterPay which allows you to make 4 interest free installment payments of $17.25. This option may be more financially sound for most breaking payments down into more manageable bite sizes with no additional interest in doing so! You still get the great quality deck you expect without sacrificing the quality of the box!

Do you have or have you worked with any of the Threads of Fate Oracle Decks ?? If so what are your thoughts and opinions on these decks? Which one is your favorite and why? Comment down below and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest so we can all learn and grow together 🙂

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  1. spicevicious says:

    Again, you’re my tarot pusher. These are gorgeous! Maybe you should develop a deck…

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    1. Haha idk about that! If I do it certainly won’t be anytime soon


  2. I just got the Lumen deck and it is beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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