This Tarot Deck is LESS than $10- GREAT tarot deck for beginners!

After making my videos on Inexpensive Tarot & Oracle Decks for $30 or less and Tarot Decks for FREE it really got me thinking a lot about how much I spend on collecting tarot decks (which is borderline addictive behavior at this point). Although typically with a higher price tag comes a better quality deck that doesn’t always hold true. Some of my favorite and most used decks are some of the less expensive ones. Many people are not in a position to be spending an egregious amount of money to collect decks just because; Acquiring a new decks may be more rare as financial responsibilities don’t leave a lot of disposable income, or perhaps you are new into discovering the wild and wonderful world of divination and don’t want to drop a ton on your first deck!

The beauty is we don’t HAVE to spend a lot of money in order to get a great quality deck! ‘Ole Pappa Squirrel has been foraging around and searching for the perfect deck! Today I want to share with you what I found…a Tarot Deck that is LESS than $10 !!! Yes, you read that right! Not only is this tarot deck less than $10 but it is a GREAT deck for beginners and tarot veterans!

The Everyday Tarot by Brigit Esselmont, illustrated by Eleanor Grosch and printed by Running Press is a 78 card mini tarot deck based in the Rider-Waite Smith system and currently retails for $9.95 on Amazon!

The Everyday Tarot deck gives modern soul-seekers an intuitive tool to access their inner wisdom and create an inspired life. This kit features a beautifully illustrated deck and an 88-page guide to the cards that will appeal to Tarot veterans and novices alike!

Biddy Tarot
Everyday Tarot

Before we dive into the deck and talk about why I think this is a great deck for beginners, let’s talk about the great overall quality and value you get with this tarot deck that’s less than $10…

The deck comes packaged in a durable flip box with magnetic clip, protecting your investment which I’m always a huge advocate for! I love the mini size (2.5″x3.5″) which makes it perfect for traveling with, easily fitting inside your purse, bookbag, fanny pack or whatever your preference lol. The guidebook easily slides into a built-in sleeve to hold the fully colored matte finished book. The cards themselves are held and protected in a thick plastic sleeve with a foam cushion. The cards themselves are a good quality stock with a matte finish and gold matte gilded edging….

Honestly… for less than $10 the quality is top notch! I can’t even tell you how many decks that I have bought for $20 or MUCH more that come in a crappy tuck box! Or don’t even have a guidebook! Or the guide book isn’t colored or anything more than printer paper! Or the card stock is cheap and feels flimsy! Or there is no gilded edging! Like… the fact that you get all of this with a deck that is less than $10 your overall value of this deck is AH-mazing!

Diving into the cards themselves this deck is honestly perfect for newbs and novices alike! The imagery, based in the RWS system, is really simple which makes it much easier to read and learn with and for memory recall. The gold, purple and white colors throughout the entire deck and packaging stay true to the Biddy Tarot brand and make for a fun deck! Although the cards are more simple and stripped of any “extras” within it’s imagery it still holds true to the traditional RWS imagery by keeping important symbolism within the cards:

8 of Cups

The key symbolism in both the traditional RWS imagery and in the Everyday Tarot:

  • The figure’s position with his back turned walking away
  • The Moon and the Sun fighting for mastery
  • The river flowing
  • The mountain for difficulties
  • The ravine
  • The staff for confidence

6 of Swords

  • The two figures in the boat representing your feminine and child-like side
  • The boat and swords itself
  • Two different waters bringing about change

6 of Pentacles

  • Positioning of the figures to mirror the reader into any one position
  • The scales weighing the pros and cons, balance
  • The pentacles in the sky representing having a piece of heaven

Throughout the Everyday Tarot the imagery the symbolism that is crucial for understanding the meaning of the cards remains present throughout the deck. Some may argue that there is not enough symbolism, or the lack of colors ( an important symbolic representation of meaning and emotions) hinders the reader from further understanding the deck. I neither disagree or agree with these points. I think that there is just enough of the imagery that a reader, especially a beginner tarot reader, can still derive and interpret meaning from the cards. I would also add that by making the imagery as simple as possible would make the learning process just as simple. Allowing for beginner tarot readers to eventually graduate to a traditional Rider-Waite Smith deck and beyond.


The clean, simplistic art style makes reading this deck much easier than most. Still working within the traditional RWS imgery without over complicating the imagery allows for beginners to learn easier with. The quality of the deck, box and guidebook is better than a lot of decks available today on the market AND with a price tag of less than $10 USD your OVERALL value for this deck is just awesome *chef’s kisses*

Do you have or have you ever worked with the Everyday Tarot? What are your thoughts and opinions on working with this deck? Comment down below and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest so we can all learn and grow together!!!

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  1. canada85 says:

    Do you do online readings like via fb messenger or anything?

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    1. No I’m afraid not


  2. zibotron says:

    I noticed that the price <$10 is for a mini deck. Is there a full size EVERY DAY TAROT deck? peace, Z

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  3. This was my first deck and I love it! I’m a petite person and these cards are wonderful for small hands. Great review!

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  4. This was my very first deck! I’m a petite person and these cars are great for small hands. Great review!

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  5. I use this deck, was very happy with it!

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