Tarot Wishlist- What Tarot Decks are GOOD to buy ???

Kirsten Victoria just recently commented on an older post of mine: My Tarot Deck Wishlist

that I had made right before Christmas time 2019. Curiosity had gotten the best of me and I wanted to see how and if my tastes had changed over the last 6 months.

If you’re anything like me I always have a running list of “must-have” decks. Since I always have my phone on me I use the phone’s note app to have my tarot deck wishlist handy at any moment I see or hear about a tarot deck I want to add to that wishlist. I’m even OCD enough with my tarot wishlist that I will organize the notes so the more desirable decks stay at the top of the list. Of course because of this certain decks seem to be in purgatory on this list….but who knows….maybe one day when I’m feeling squirrely enough I might just purchase them all so I can start with a clean slate…. stay tuned to see how many poor financial decisions I make in life 🙂

After reading my older Tarot Deck Wishlist I was pleasantly surprised to see what my tastes were then. Not too much has changed: Some decks are still on the list, some decks I have purchased since then and some decks came off the list all-together. Let’s take a quick look back shall we? Then I’d like to share some newer additions…

So 6 months ago the decks that made my Tarot Wishlist at the time were:

  • DreamKeepers Tarot
  • Blood Moon Tarot
  • Dust II Onyx Tarot
  • Crow Tarot
  • Darkness of Light Tarot
  • Ashley Cook Tarot

So the Blood Moon Tarot I’ve just taken off the list, I feel like it’s a lost cause. Being 2 YEARS OVER it’s estimated delivery date and the art for the cards still aren’t finished I’m not going to mess with that anymore. The Crow Tarot I decided against BUT the artist and creator MJ Jones just funded the Guardian of the Night Tarot on Indiegogo which I DID back and am looking forward to! Ashley Cook Tarot remains on the list and is in this purgatory midway in the list so well see…

I did end up purchasing the Darkness of Light Tarot and despite it’s higher price tag, the Dust II Onyx Tarot as well! Both of which I am super pleased with and glad I have added them into my collection for different reasons. Feel free to click on the titles to take you to the blogs I’ve dedicated to those decks if you would like to know more about them specifically!

KEEPING IT MOVING right along with the tarot decks on my wishlist currently that I came here to talk about today:

The Stretch Tarot

Created by J.E. Stretch in 2016 this 79 card multi-media deck printed on 300gsm stock is the decks 2nd edition. No longer coming with a guidebook to reduce costs to the consumer but instead is available by download through the site.

There’s something about this mixed media art that really draws my attention! With this art style I feel the cards are given depth with is intriguing and invites me to look within the art for further meaning!

Printed in the UK this deck is easily accessible to all my Euro friends but that doesn’t stop this Squirrel!

The Stretch Lenormand

Produced from the same creator as the Stretch Tarot is his recently released Lenormand deck!

This 40 card deck is beautifully illustrated with vintage photography. The deck includes an additional ‘man’ and ‘woman’ card to allow for same-sex readings or a choice of artwork. Additional cards called ‘mirrors’ are replacements for the man and woman without race, age, gender or sexuality they are designed to reflect whoever is looking at them.

Terra Oracle

This is a beautifully illustrated 100 card animal oracle deck that I must get my squirrely little paws on eventually!

Although there is little to no information available on their website as to the quality, or inspiration for the deck or really any information in general…I do know that the guidebook is sold separately which is a bit of a bummer but I’m confident I could do without it. I’ve seen enough pictures and with positive word-of-mouth feedback about the deck it certainly has me intrigued!

Tarot of the Holy Spectrum

Now this deck may be a little out of my norm but it is so different it has me intrigued! I think from a marketing aspect these creators are brilliant. Taking one look at their interactive website just immediately draws one in and excites the mind!

This deck was Kickstarter funded and available now for purchase. 78 cards printed on 350gsm art paper with such bold vibrant colors and crisp imagery. Tarot of the Holy Spectrum tells a story through these colors with the Major Arcana focused on black and white with pops of color, while each of the Minor Arcana suits progresses through the color spectrum.

True Heart Intuitive Tarot

I’m SURE most of you have seen the cult classic The Craft ?!? Co-star Rachel True is a lifelong occultist and has created her first tarot deck.

Though I know little to no information about this deck it is a relatively affordable deck at $30, taking preorders now through Amazon and will be available in Oct. 2020. I will certainly be keeping an eye out for this one 🙂

The Textured Tarot

Another mixed media collage style deck I am in love with is the Textured Tarot created by Lisa McLoughlin. This 78 card deck coming with mini guidebook is printed on 395um plastic coated and matte laminated…which has me doing a head tilt in slight confusion. I’m not sure what to expect with the quality of the card as I don’t know that I’m familiar with it personally. I do know she states “this deck is not suitable for riffle shuffling” which is a bit of a bummer because that’s my preferred way! BUT I’m not gonna let that stop me from one day owning this deck.

“The effects are created by digitally collaging fragments of digital images, layered textures, digital art, hand drawn art with stitched textiles” just makes this deck sound SO yummy…..!!!

What are some decks on your wishlist and why? Comment down below and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest so we can all learn and grow together!

Thank you for taking time to hang out with me today! Much love and light!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. 8eyondthemuse says:

    Hey there, I love your wishlist! I also wanted the Crow Tarot but I was honestly turned off by the comments I saw on Amazon about the cardstock quality which is such a shame. Crows are very prevalent where I live, and I always felt a special connection to them. Maybe I’ll find another Crow deck somewhere out there. Do share if you find one.

    And totally interested what you think about the True Heart Intuitive Tarot. Someone on YouTube just received The Golden Girls Tarot deck from another tarot reader as a gift. I think that would be a cool one to review.

    Others on my list but not all so as not to bore you:

    – The Star Tarot
    – Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg
    – The Hoodoo Tarot
    – Cat Tarot
    – The Green Witch Tarot
    – St. Soleil Tarot
    – The Efflorescent Tarot
    – The Lost Tarot
    – Earth Bones Tarot
    – Synesthesia Tarot

    Though, I really do like collage art decks. So when you mentioned Textured Tarot, I was like, “yesssss”. The Stretch Lenormand looks awesome too!

    – Ray 🙂

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  2. Mystic says:

    Great list! 🙂

    I, too, look forward to True Heart Intuitive Tarot. Being such a fan of “The Craft” for all of these years I think it will be really cool to work with Ms. True’s deck. I’m really excited for this one.

    The Monstarot is definitely on my list as well. I have several “darker” decks but not as many “lighter” or “brighter” and this one looks to be just what I’m looking for. The colors just instantly make me smile. Perfect Summer deck, I think.

    The upcoming The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot (releases Sept. 15, 2020) is also a certain must-have for me. I’m such a fan of the movie! I have memorabilia throughout my house so this one would fit in perfectly! Looks promising.

    I’m on the fence about the Dark Wood Tarot. I love the concept and the artwork looks interesting but I’m wondering if this is will be a readable deck for me. In the past, I jumped on so many decks right away just because they were lovely/pretty without much of a thought only for them to quickly get pushed aside. I have so many decks that I need to pass along that I’m more hesitant about my deck purchases these days.

    Fun topic!

    Liked by 1 person

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