The Night Sun Tarot

This deck is that high school project that I know I’m going to fail the test on because the material I just don’t understand at all and it doesn’t matter if I try my brain just wont allow me to comprehend what I’m supposed to!

….this is the Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani

Artist Fabio Listrani is probably most well known for the Santa Meurte Tarot which at the end of the day I didn’t understand that deck either lol

Which is a shame because I really enjoy his artwork! I appreciate the deck from an artistic standpoint and applaud him for the work he does…BUT…it’s on a whole ‘nother level of comprehension that this newb can’t grasp! And don’t quote me on this… but I think part of the reason is his incorporation of Thoth, alchemy and other occult things that I haven’t begun to learn WHICH gives his decks even further meaning and depth but for me… it’s just confusion!

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The deck itself is a 78 card deck that is slightly thinner than a standard tarot size. Published by Lo Scarabeo, for those of you that are familiar with the quality of their cards: it tends to be a bit on the thinner size than I would personally care for but they shuffle really well and do hold up. There is no gilding on the cards which comes in a tuck box ( ya’ll know how I feel about tuck boxes ) and a black and white guidebook that doesn’t have any pictures. So this Aries child has already lost his attention lol

The suits in the deck are really cool looking and I like how the elemental symbols are incorporated with the suits.

Another thing I really enjoy with the deck is how each suit is a different color pallet. For a newb like me this is a nice subtle reminder when looking at the cards to see a color association to help me remember what I’m looking at!

Also as someone who is constantly learning to have the elemental symbols on the cards is nice as well. Getting into the cards though can be a bit confusing as the symbols on the tops of the cards change and I honestly have no idea what they are or what they mean!

Pictured right is the suit of Pentacles and we can see how the green color theme is carried throughout the suit! As mentioned earlier in the top corners of the cards are additional symbols which I BELIEVE are astrological symbols? Except some of them I do not recognize at all so I can’t be certain. If you know what these are please comment down below and help a squirrel out ๐Ÿ™‚

I like, in this particular suit, how the element of Earth really plays out through the suit. We see the bull and all of the human-like figures in this suit all have the horns tying them back into their elemental place.

Some of the things I really like about Fabio’s deck is how he will tie in the characters throughout the deck which really gives us a story.

Pictured left we see the Empress and the Emperor meet again for the lovers card. It’s little things like this in his decks that I appreciate his artistic decisions!

Two of the Major Arcana cards that stood out to me the most that I liked are Death and the Hanged Man:

The figure Death has a bit of a gender twist represented as a female and a pregnant one at that. Symbolizing that although one thing is ending there is another beginning!

The Hanged man in addition to being suspended from the tree has a cage around his head. In true fashion of the meaning of the card I like how he even holds the key to this caged. He is here on his own will and can get out when he wants!

Although there are many positive things to say about the deck and Fabio’s art, as always, I have quite a few critiques and confusions. I just think there were some decisions made with the deck that if tweeked could immediately improve the overall perception of the deck:

  • The Borders: I am not always the biggest fan of borders, unless they just “work” for the deck and I feel this was a total miss for this deck for a couple reasons. The cards are already more slender than an average deck and we have NOT one, but TWO borders on this card! We have the white borders, and the more ornate gold borders. Two too many! This makes the actual image of the card much smaller and this ties into another problem…
  • The Details: Fabio’s artwork created digitally in a 3D program and translated to a 2D deck is notorious for the crazy amount of detail and depth within his art. It’s something I really appreciate about his art, you can see the amount of time and attention to detail that is put into each piece. Putting this art on a card with a border, and then adding another border, and then putting it on a smaller card disables the art from shining.
  • The Aesthetics: For those of you that have ever edited photos…you know that option to make the photo brighter or darker? Yea…. so he took a very cool, very detailed photo put it in two borders, on a smaller card and then turned the brightness ALLLLLLLLLLLL the way down making a lot of the cards……….black…….. so just in case you WERE going to be able to see the art on some of the cards, now you cant tell at all what’s going on

Other decisions made in the deck I can’t tell if it’s supposed to have some other meaning that I can’t grasp, or if it was just made because “it looks cool.”

Like the Devil card where one of the figures is clearly bound. Mask on, chains around them and their hands bound behind their back. And the Devil itself looking more like Baphomet. Decisions I don’t quite understand that go with the meaning of this card as I understand it? Baphomet to sum it up is about balance, whereas the Devil is about JUST the shadow self. The figures are there by their own free will and although may FEEL bound, they are actually there by choice. This represents none of that to me.

And the Star…. I’m not even sure about where to get started on this? Maybe if you understand the artistic decision for this card and how that ties into the meaning please feel free to comment below and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest so we can all learn and grow together!

Overall… I’m not even sure how to end this blog lol

I feel like I’ve failed this test

I’m glad to have another piece of Fabio’s art in my collection and I am even more happy to just stick it on my tarot shelf and let it be. As of at the time of writing this it is not a deck I connect with or understand and do not see myself reaching for this deck at all. That is always subject to change as I learn and grow but for now this is too far over my simple squirrel brain!

What are your thoughts on the deck? Do you have and work with this deck? Let me know down below and as always feel free to click on the video link to see the full flipthru and review of the Night Sun Tarot!

Much love and light to you my friend! I hope that you and yours are happy and healthy! Take care!!

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  1. an excellent review which gives us lots to think about
    thank you

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    1. your very welcome ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Melanie says:

    About those symbols: The reason you donโ€˜t recognize them is because some are elements (seen clearly on the aces), some are zodiac signs, Planets (astrology developed with knowledge of 7 planets/luminaries which included sun and moon), and there seem to also be some Hebrew letters thrown in as well in the Majors. Waite and the rest of the Golden Dawn crew were big on weaving kabbalah, numerology and astrology Into their ceremonial magic and tarot…

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