My Top 5 Favorite Oracle Decks

As my Oracle Deck Collection continues to grow so changes what decks I actively use. Sometimes it’s just acquiring a highly sought after deck, or perhaps the season… but any active oracle deck reader knows what it’s like to rotate out decks. Sometimes it’s hot… sometimes it’s not πŸ™‚ I’m not even going to peak (just yet) as to which decks were on my Top 5 Favorite Oracle Decks of 2019 but I’m curious how or if my tastes have changed.

For now let’s take a look at my top 5 favorite oracle decks for 2020. At the end of the blog I am going to give a bonus oracle deck that, although is not released yet, I am highly anticipating getting it πŸ™‚


the Spirit Animal Oracle

If you’ve followed me long enough then you KNOW my ride or die oracle deck is the Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid and illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia! This extremely detailed and highly vibrant deck is an animal only deck that tells me exactly what I need to hear and hits home EVERY time!

The quality of the deck, packaging and book are outstanding and especially for the price it is a deck I have an always will recommend to others to add to their collections! The deck has 68 animal totems with keywords and the book gives such an insightful and in depth meaning

Purchase the deck here

the Threads of Fate Oracle

The entire Threads of Fate collection are some of my favorite decks all around. I could go on and on and on about the quality of their decks which are superior to most but I feel what makes the decks interesting are the options of style. Due to high demands this independently produced deck is often sold out and actively taking preorders. I’m sure at some point these girls will overhaul the quantities produced in order to keep up!

The Shadow edition (pictured right) is a 55 card oracle deck produced on very high quality anti-scratch matte finish with matte gold gilded edges. Complete with a guidebook and coming in a 2 piece durable box this deck also makes my top #DeckSniffer decks πŸ™‚

Purchase the deck here


Wild Nocturna Oracle

The Wild Nocturna Oracle is a 48 card deck and guidebook created by The Creeping Moon Studios on Etsy who also made the Anima Mundi Tarot. Both decks are very good quality cards with a linen finish and come in a durable two piece box.

The Wild Nocturna Oracle has always been a difficult deck for me to explain. I feel it’s one of those decks that you just have to work with in order to understand it’s energy. It very much gives a ‘high priestess’ kinda vibes to it. Very, behind the veil so-to-speak. A calm, intuitive energy that’s translated through a heavily animal based deck. Certainly a deck I turn to when I need a deeper insight into a situation.

Purchase the deck here

The Sacred Destiny Oracle

by Denise Linn is honestly a deck I got on a complete whim! It’s published through HayHouse and available on Amazon for very cheap, but HayHouse was having a 50% off sale so I thought…why not ?!? I’m glad I did!

Not being the biggest fan of borders on decks I happen to think they work rather well with this deck. It provides a window into the very beautifully detailed art. There are a few cards I think could have been edited out, I think they are just similar enough that I personally would have either cared for something different or to have been left out at all. But overall I think it is an excellent quality deck and especially at (even it’s normal) price is very much worth it!

Purchase the deck here


The Illuminated Earth Oracle

The Illuminated Earth Oracle by Claire Mack is another deck that I would highly recommend but is rather hard to explain. This is a 63 card deck that comes on a beautiful high quality matte card in a durable 2 piece box. The artwork is just breathtaking!

For me it’s really about the emotional messages that I receive when reading with this deck. It’s something about the colors and images that really invoke these feelings that give me such great messages. At times it can go a bit deep and sometimes that’s great, other times you just want a direct answer lol. But I highly recommend this deck!

Purchase the deck here

Lastly here’s a bonus deck! Granted…this is not in my collection (yet) because it’s not available yet. However, I am super stoked about getting it and I’ll tell you why…

The Nameless One

Is an oracle deck currently taking preorders made by the amazing XiaHunt who also made the Children of Litha Tarot!

“It’s a fully-illustrated, 108-card, large format deck combining tarot, sigil, oracle, mythology, folklore, & visual narrative. Instead of titles, each card possesses a unique, hand-crafted sigil forged from an affirmation based on the traditional tarot card’s positive aspects.” -Xia

Now I haven’t worked with, or researched much on sigil’s but that is why I am excited about this unique deck! Undoubtedly the quality of this deck will be just as awesome as the Children of Litha Tarot and I am highly anticipating it’s release later this year!

Check out her site here

What are your favorite oracle decks and why? Comment down below and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest so we can all learn and grow together! And since you made it this far (wink wink elbow elbow) you should click the link below to check out the video. Make sure to like, subscribe and share as this helps out me and the channel and I greatly appreciate it! And honestly…even if you don’t do any of those things the fact that you took time out of your day to spend with me and read this far means the world to me!

You’re the best! I hope you and your’s stay happy and healthy! And until next time…Much love and light! xoxo

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    Really want that nocturna one!

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