Out of Print Decks- High Priced, RARE Tarot Decks

I wanted to come on today and talk about out of print decks, high priced and rare tarot decks. You guys are awesome and had an overwhelming positive response to the videos I did: Decks for $30 or less and Tarot Decks for free. Since we already went over these I wanted to share my out of print decks, rare and high priced tarot decks! First it’s helpful to understand why tarot decks go out of print…

Every time a tarot deck is created the creator and sometimes the publisher have to take a risk on how many decks they create. Typically indie (or independent) tarot deck creators only create a limited run of 500 or less. Once these sell out, finding rare and out of print tarot decks can be difficult. Stay tuned to the end of the video and I’ll share some tips and resources to be able to find out of print decks, rare or high priced decks.

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