Harley Spencer Tarot Deck review

If you remember seeing my blog post on the Bad Ass Tarot Deck then you will be VERY familiar with this deck! Created by the same indie artist is the Harley Spencer Tarot Deck, which is just a more toned down, PC version of the Bad Ass Tarot. No trigger warnings, no 18+ only but still all the same cheeky pop cultural references and everything you love about the deck!

This 81 card deck based in the RWS system is a fun, modern, cheeky read. It’s that best friend that just wants you to let you hair down and have some light hearted fun! It’s even vegan, gluten free and not tested on animals! lol ( that’s a joke if you didn’t get it) But I love the Harley puts this on the side of the box, it just goes to show how fun this deck can be!

Harley is a US based indie deck creator that makes each and every deck by hand! I think that is (crazy) amazing! She was SUPER kind to give me my very own special ‘Pappa Discount’ link to share with you giving my subscribers $30 OFF their deck purchase…which I will include down below….

I wanted to show off some of the extra cards that Harley has included in the deck giving you interchangable options!

Honestly, the extra cards are my FAV!

Obviously staying true to the modern references and addressing the current situation with the virus (do not speak its name).

These additional cards are cheeky and very appropriate for the times which is why I think I love them so much!

I particularly love this option for the 7 of wands! Which typically shows a figure on the top of a hill and battling off the oncoming wands that are attacking…

It’s about protection, defense and therefore HILARIOUS (to me) the add on card says “wash your hands” lol Protect yourself from the germs!!!

If you are interested in this deck and want to support a small indie artist CLICK HERE ON MY special Pappa Squirrel link which will give you $30 off your purchase!

Much love and light…. stay Squirrely my friend 🙂


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  1. Thank you for presenting this cheeky tongue in cheeky deck

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  2. Looooove it!
    My mind is tripping out right now imagining throwing these cards 😝
    (this is why I cannot watch your videos, they make me wanna buy stuff I shouldn’t!!)

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