Darkness of Light Tarot review

The Darkness of Light Tarot by Toni DiMauro is a 78 card tarot deck based in the RWS system. This deck is on it’s 3rd edition and if rumor has it correct I don’t think there will be a 4th. As a matter of fact when I was stalking his Instagram Account it looks like he’s been working on a whole new tarot deck and personally I’m super stoked about that!

When purchasing the deck we have the option for $2 to get the creators signature, so I thought, why the heck not? Somehow… and I’m not sure how this makes any sense: 1/20. So there’s only 20 decks in this edition !?!? And how did I luck out and get the 1st ?? Does this make it worth more money ? Lol Do I have more equity in my deck and I can retire now ?

Clearly you can see it comes in a tuck box (we all know my feelings on that so let’s not get me all riled up) but I do like the drawstring bag, that’s a pretty neat touch! Card stock is… you know I had to look this up because I’m not sure what it is and to be quite honest I don’t trust what the site says lol It says ” 350 gsm ultra sturdy stock, with a matte finishing to reinforce the construction.” It’s not that I don’t trust it I just feel its a vague answer and I WANT ANSWERS! I like the card stock, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first it almost has this sturdy plastic-like feeling to it, but it actually works well and I’ve come to enjoy it. It just definitely feels like a card stock I have never felt with any other deck so that has my squirrel brain curious. “ultra sturdy stock” -_-

This deck totally gives me the new Batman, The Dark Knight kinda vibes. Like, Batman went from this cartoony immature content to something really dark, more serious, gritty “real life” feel to it. This is that, but for Tarot. It’s like tarot traded in it’s cartoony, PC content for something more dark, heavy and serious. This is the Darkness of Light Tarot!


Despite this dark overtone to the deck the coloration between the suits I like. Don’t get me wrong it’s no Barbie pink and bright neon, but they’re subtle cooler tones that work really well with the voice of the deck

The borders are….well…they’re there. Not sure how I feel about them really. I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure this is how you can tell the difference between the different editions of the decks by the color of the borders. If you know this for sure comment down below.


The Knights I love! I can almost hear the war cries in the distance as they are about to go into battle!

I think it’s great that two of knights are female, showing some inclusiveness in the deck!


This card really embodies (for me) the emotional messages that are conveyed throughout this deck!

Through the facial expressions of the characters and the color tones in the deck really draw out this more adult-like voice from the read. I really appreciate this as it all works very well together and communicates as a single strong voice!


Want to read more, see more or purchase the deck then CLICK HERE

Have the deck? What are your thoughts, opinions or experiences comment down below and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest so we can all learn and grow together!

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  1. Your articles is like a breath of fresh air
    Thank you
    Is this a blade runner aspect to a Tarot Deck that I see before me
    Am in agreememt as to the Knights
    they are Arthurian-ish

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