the Wayhome Tarot review

The Wayhome Tarot by Bakara Wintner and Autumn Whitehurst from Everyday Magic is a 78 card deck based in the RWS system. The cards are a standard tarot size, 330gsm cardstock with smooth aqeuous finish. Coming in a durable 2 piece box and no guidebook included.

Let’s get the not-so-positive things out of the way, because the good outweighs the bad for sure. But I have to be honest with my experiences. Otherwise what’s the point of a review ?


The box sucks! I’m sorry but it’s disappointing. It’s not only pretty plain but functionally it sucks, it’s a death trap box that is SO difficult to get in and out of. Basically, throw the box away and get a nice tarot bag to keep the deck in.

Also, the wait time for shipping sucks, and is unreasonable in my opinion. If you participated in the Youtube voting poll I held at the end of January, then you know I ordered 3 tarot decks (bringing my total for the month to 20) at the same time. The Slow tarot arrived first (I love the irony in that the slow tarot was the fastest to arrive) …. the shipping label for the Wayhome was created after a day, then the next 6 days it just set in the shop, then they shipped it bringing the total wait time to 9 days which is just stupid in my opinion. But hey, I’m just an impatient Aries right ?

I don’t want to let the bad outweigh the good. Because what is good is great! And this deck is so brilliantly done! There are people in the deck but it is heavily based in Nature and animals which speaks to my Soul! As a biology nerd these cards just make sense to me!

The Emeror and Empress speaking of both Conscious and Sub conscious and what grows from them. The Hierophant as a fungi and more importantly showing the mycellium, which acts essentially as a nervous system for all plants to connect to under the forest floor and be able to communicate with one another. The Chariot representing the body IS the vehicle that takes you through life! Love love love it !!

Even though some of the cards are rather simple I do love the most the depth of the art like in the 10 of pentacles. Along with many other cards whatever this art form, is so rich and vibrant in color and add such depth to the scenes. The 2 of wands about plans and taking action I love the ‘spark’ shown, that fire ignited ready for adventure; And in the 4 of pentacles it’s not so much clutching and needing to save and be conservative but showing HOW it provides stability!

I addressed in the Oriens Tarot I wasn’t sure I had ever seen a deck that had a cicada in it, and here we are another deck with not only a cicada but for the Judgement card. My question to you is who wore it better?

Comment down below which deck do you think rocked the cicada better? The Wayhome tarot? Depicting the cicada rising above it’s former self shed and discarded ? Or the Oriens tarot where the remains are lifted up and given to the Ether ?


Want to see more, read more or purchase the deck? CLICK HERE

Have this deck? Comment down below what are your thoughts, opinions, experiences with working with this deck and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest!

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  1. oekmama says:

    Too hard to choose. Both are gorgeous. And Then it comes down to my personal taste. On a particular day. I‘ll go with Oriens.

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