My Altar Tour- Apartment Sacred Space

If you’ve ever paid attention to my videos you’ve probably noticed my altar a hundred times…

BUT…you’ve never seen it up close and personal like this 😉

Hey Squirrel Fam & Welcome back to the Squirrel Nest. For those of you that don’t know my name is Brian aka Pappa Squirrel. Today we are here to talk about my altar. Don’t you just love a good altar tour?

Now I know that an altar, altar space or sacred space is something unique to everyone. Many different people from many different religious backgrounds have altars, whether they call it that or not. It’s a space that’s sacred to you whether for prayer, spell work, or the energies that you want to bring into your home. That’s exactly what my altar is: A sacred space in my home in order to bring in certain energies into my home. I want to fill my home with good energies and good vibes. I tend to bring a lot of items from nature like crystals, animal skulls, nests, feathers, bee hives, etc. and especially plants and flowers 🙂

What’s in your altar or sacred space?

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