the Children of Litha Tarot

The Children of Litha Tarot by Alexandria Huntington is a 78 card deck that dips us into a fantasy world of fae and wild beasts that reminds me of childhood stories growing up. The attention to ALL aspects of detail in this deck are crazy amazing, let’s talk about it…

A quote from some dead guy comes to mind “It’s attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning.” From the quality of the cards and box, to the depth and detail in the artwork, to even the packaging when received.


I’m a dumb squirrel and forgot to take a picture of the packaging when I got it ( I was too excited my bad) but as always, at the end of the article will be a link to the video walkthru of the deck which I do show off the packaging it came in! Neatly wrapped in tissue paper with a dried lilac, Children of Litha sticker and a ribbon with an aura quartz dangling. It was like Christmas was happening all over again!

The cards are a high quality satin matte with a matte edging that all just feels o so good in your hands. They are a bit difficult to riffle, but work great for hand over hand shuffling!

They are standard tarot size which makes it easy to hold, a bit thicker than a normal deck but not by much. Card backs are fully reversible if you read that way your good.


Pictured left are some of my favorite cards out of the major arcana. Even though this deck is based in the RWS system I have to be real, some of the cards are either a hit or a miss with me.

The imagery can stray enough away at times it’s difficult for me to remember or get the meaning of the cards right away. These majors I not only think hit the head on the nail but do it rather well and really bring out the meaning and understanding of the card for me.


The Aces are really cool and set the “mood” for the rest of the suite.

Each perspective element not only has a color theme as shown around the borders of the ace, but also an animal/elemental association as well.

Therefore cups are water and are all fish. Swords are air and all birds…and so on…


Getting into the suits we see the same colored boarders carried on throughout the cards. I love love love how the suit’s themselves are represented in white. Each one is an exact copy throughout the cards and there’s something about it that just makes the art work for me.

I think it’s because the items themselves are stand alone art and you can clearly define them in the card BUT they are not overpowering and taking away from the beautiful art depicted too. Does that make any sense at all? lol

Like I said earlier some of the cards really make sense to me, others don’t. I hate that feeling too like I’m reading something “wrong” and feel the need to use the guide as a crutch.


As beautiful as the court cards are I REALLY feel like they let me down the most when it comes to being able to derive meaning from them. I do not want to take away from the unique and gorgeous artistry of the cards ( The Wands are definitely my favorite )

It’s just my own personal struggle with learning the courts really. So it’s my own baggage don’t mind me lol

Overall I think this is a high quality deck that has many great attributes about it. It is a little bit difficult to read with initially but I have no doubt as I continue to learn and grow that this will become more and more familiar without mental farts on some of the cards.

You can purchase the deck HERE.

Do you have this deck? What are your experiences working with it?

As always feel free to check out the full video by clicking on the link below! Thank you for joining me today and much love Baby Squirrel!


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  1. Oh my another introduction to a vibrant Tarot deck
    Egg Shaped Aces evoke interesting imagery
    My wish list has gotten longer

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol your welcome! You know that’s what I’m here to do! We keep the introductions rolling out like a factory here in the Squirrel Nest lol


  2. Hurrah for the Squirrel Nest

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh those are unique! I have so many decks saved on Amazon, it will be my new library someday haha!

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