the CS Tarot Deck- Comparison flipthru to the RWS Centennial Borderless

Today I wanted to show off a new deck I recently got in: the CS Tarot. Which I’m pretty sure I’ve heard called ‘The Crackled Tarot’ but turns out the ‘CS’ is because the creator’s name is Conrad Steyn.

This is more show than it is tell because let’s be real… it’s essentially a basic RWS deck so there’s not much to talk about here lol So if you want to just skip my attempt at butchering the English language you can skip down below to the much more entertaining video 🙂

The LINK to the CS Tarot I have provided is for the card stock I chose and show off which is the lined finish. Conrad does have another option at only $4 more for a “super smooth” finish… whatever that means lol

The CS Tarot cards are pictured to the left and were comparing them today to the RWS Centennial Borderless edition. As you can see there is a slight difference in the cards. The CS has a crackling affect in the background of each of the cards and also comes in the linen finish, which in my opinion feels nicer than the Centennial.

This deck is made through so decks can be purchased individually or in bulk with prices varying respectfully. This was my first experience ordering through this site and although it did take roughly 2 weeks to get to me, the deck was fresh off the printers. There was slight confusion with the shipping stuff but my inquiry was immediately addressed by the facility answering my question. So overall a decent experience for what it is!

Be aware the deck you are ordering does not come in a box and does not include a white book. This is also reflective in the cost of the deck!

Enough babbling…if you’d like to see the cards up close and personal and in action click down below to watch the full flipthru/comparison! Until next time Baby Squirrel much love and light to you 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the video flip through comparison!… I like how they look more antique with the crackling effect. The grays looks like they have more of a blue-cool tint, like the sky in the 6 of Swords, Ace and 2 of Pentacles… I like that. I also like the gradient in the skies in the court cards.

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