Spolia Tarot

So right off the bat we have yet again another really great high quality deck with fantastic artwork that’s shoved into a shitty tuck box! Fortunately the box is of a little higher quality but if this is a deck for you that will be getting alot of use out of that box will not last very long. Which means you need something else to store it in…. honestly I really hate when artists go this route! I understand it is probably the best cost effective avenue to go BUT….

When I’m purchasing a really cheap, or should I say inexpensive deck it’s no surprise it’s going to come in the least expensive container… but for Spirit sake WHY would you put a well crafted piece of ART into a cheap tuck box !?!? WHY !?!? Ugh…. these are the bane of my existence! lol

One of the things that attracted me to this deck ( and no it wasn’t the tuck box silly lol) were the additional cards in the deck! The 4 elemental signs along with the 12 signs of the zodiac are included which I think is a great feature to include! Especially for those that like to focus on these items you can use not only within your read, or your altar space or however you would like!

Side note… if you are using these with the rest of the deck shuffling will be a bit tricky! The cards are printed on very thick high quality card stock so this deck is CHUNKY! It certainly takes breaking up the deck in half and shuffling one half at a time! Or heck, spread ’em all around, throw them in the air, do what you want it’s your life, your decisions 🙂

This Squirrel does not have the words to describe the artwork in the deck….but I’ll try! It’s certainly mix media, collage-style, paintings/art that make up this vibrant and unique deck! The imagery is so fun, funky and fresh which is what really attracted me to the deck!

If you are one of those people that loves to sit with a card and really dive into the multiple forms of translations it provides this certainly will be a deck for you! Someone like me who wants instant gratification, certain cards require more than just a quick look. Although it does honor the traditional RWS imagery so you don’t have to strain too hard!

Some of the images however are altered enough that I don’t, at this point in my learning, have that instant memory recall I’m looking for. Because of this and the chunky chunk size of the deck for now this will just be shelved and added to the collection. I am happy to have it join the rest of my decks and there will be a time in the future when I am ready to revisit this deck and work with it more!

Do you have this deck? If so what are your thoughts and experiences with it?

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  1. The Eight of Coins has an old Father Time mending a clock aspect to it
    what a cool Tarot Deck

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