The Weaver Tarot comparison- Threads of Fate

The Weaver Tarot created by Brit & June from the Threads of Fate is a recently released tarot deck from their creative minds! If your familiar with the Threads of Fate Oracle deck then this will continue to impress and exceed your expectations. If you aren’t familiar with the oracle deck you can check out my last blog post to familiarize yourself. 🙂

Just as with their oracle decks there are two versions of the Weaver Tarot: the Journeyer Edition and the Ascendant Edition. Both have much to bring to the plate and are great decks for different reasons.


Honestly I tend to lean towards the simplistic look of black decks and minimal designs but I think aesthetically Im digging the pink/purple hues and depth the Journeyer has to offer!

Even though I love the look of the Journeyer, the Ascendant edition shuffles better for me! I think the lack of the guiding on the edges makes it easier to work with the cards. Just beware…if you do get the Journeyer edition some of my cards came stuck together slightly, but nothing major to stress over. I think it was just the guiding/ink on the cards that had the light hold.

Now I have some pretty big hands, and I love me a big deck….BUT…if you don’t have big hands this may be slightly difficult to use. It’s nothing major, as there are MUCH bigger decks I have. Just be aware it is a hair longer and a little bit wider than a standard tarot card. (Comparing it to the RWS Centennial)

Riffle shuffling is possible but because the deck is of higher quality it is a bit stiffer, and again if you have smaller hands that could be challenging! But then do shuffle well if your just doing hand over hand or applying another technique and they shuffle like budda 🙂


Both decks as pictured above come in a high quality, sturdy, two piece box with guidebooks. The guidebooks are the same with the exception that they match the color of the deck it comes with. It’s a simple book in black and white including a few spreads. The Journeyer box does have writing/imagery on the inside of the box whereas the Ascendant is just solid black inside.

A few things to be aware of about the deck itself is there are some slight changes to the cards that could potentially throw off a new learner slightly. The court cards are as such: Pages are Seekers, Knights are Conquerors, Queens are Sovereigns, and Kings are Rulers. Also a few of the Major Arcana cards have been renamed; So it goes…The Fool, The Magi, The High Sage, The Pillar, The Anchor, The Hierophant, The Lovers and so on….

As always I do a full flip thru of the deck and this time I added some special fun bonus information at the end of the video. Click down on the link below to go check out the full deck and be entertained for a bit.

Do you have the Weaver Tarot or any of the Threads of Fate decks? What are your thoughts, opinions or experiences with them ? Comment down below and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest your experience, it may help others out 🙂


Thank you for joining me again today Baby Squirrel! Much love and light to you, and until next time take care my friend! 🙂

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