Tips for a Traveling Witch

Love to travel, explore new places, see new things, discover new witchy shops and dive into new cultures? Are you a wanderer at heart? Or heck, maybe you hate to travel but due to your career or family you have to do it often…? Who am I to glamorize traveling (Although for me it’s always fun to get out of the house, travel out of state or out of country and go live life)

I’ve got a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned as a traveling practitioner and I want to share a few of those to give you some good ideas and help ease any potential frustrations. There’s a thing or two I’ve learned because I’ve seen a thing or two 😉 lol

Although most of my suggestions will certainly apply to most forms of traveling I am specifically referencing and focusing on extensive travels. At least the kind you have to hop on a plane in order to get to and from your destination. It’s one thing to be in a car, it’s a whole ‘nother layer to get through government security….

Unless you have the magical powers of Merlin from Sword in the Stone and can pack an entire house into a carry-on bag by singing a spell ( Which btw if you have those powers please contact me I will pay endless amounts of money and we have a lot of work to do…)

Then it’s important that you make sure to…

Pack Light

Most airlines allow for you to bring with you one carry-on and one personal bag. Take into account these important things: The length of your trip, climate of the area your traveling to and what shopping you anticipate on doing! If your like me and travel to destinations that you KNOW you will be attending a crystal show, exploring witchy shops, or just love to find local gifts for yourself or others; really take this anticipated shopping into account.

On one extreme if you pack ALL the bags you possibly can including checked bags etc. all of which are filled to the brim, know that ANYTHING you buy your ONLY option to get it back home is to ship it. But why spend more money than you have to? On another extreme if I know I’m traveling to a warm destination for maybe a week or less I’ll cram everything into a bookbag and that’s it! Now I know your probably freaking out at this idea but hear me out… Personally, I know me, and I know the majority of the time I travel I will be purchasing a lot of things to bring back home. Since I only have a bookbag of clothes this means I can travel home with a lot more stuff! Finding a local store like a Ross, TJ Maxx, heck even a second hand thrift store, you can easily purchase a carry on bag for less than $20 and now fill it will all of your purchases from your trip to return home with. The best part…you don’t have to pay anything extra!

Another bonus of this, by not checking any bags this means there are no chances for the airport to loose or damage your bags. When the flight lands back home there’s no waiting on your luggage either since you already have it with you just grab it and go!

Make sure to check with your airline and flight on specific policies with carry-on’s and dimensions to make sure to abide with regulations!

Get to the airport EARLY to allow for extra time

This is a general rule of thumb when it comes to flying but is going to be EXTRA important to you!

A flight is NOT something you want to miss because guess what? Now your trapped at an airport and out a few hundred bucks until you pay for ANOTHER flight and then have to sit around and wait on that flight and mess up your entire schedule because you were late. Going out on a limb I would even say that 9.99999 out of 10 times your going to be late because of other people. So take this into account, get there extra early! It’s better to find a bar or cafe near your terminal and casually wait vs. running a marathon hoping to catch your flight!

Being prompt is going to be EXTRA important to you because guess what??? You WILL be searched! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

TSA security have this thing with witchy stuff. So when your coming back home with that carry on full of crystals, black salt, holy water, brick dust, voodoo dolls, tarot decks, etc. for some reason TSA thinks these are potentially dangerous things lol

Now I know your not traveling with anything that is going to harm anyone…unless they cross a line and you want to hex them with it… but when your going through the security check and they see sharp spikey objects along with viles or liquids they are going to be suspicious.

Getting pulled aside to get your bag checked for these witchy items can take some time depending on how busy the airport is. Stay calm, be friendly and helpful and just explain. You have nothing to worry about just let them do their job and you will be on your way. No need to stress since you got there extra early you will still make your flight 😉

Have a travel Kit

If you MUST bring any of your tools with you then prepare a travel kit/bag. These are certainly more useful for car trips but keep in mind the TSA security if your taking items WITH you. Be cognoscenti of these items and I would suggest taking only what you NEED!

Usually I just bring my Rider-Die Tarot deck with me everywhere I go anyways but I try to limit it to that. Because even then for a freaking tarot deck I’ve been pulled aside to have my things checked! lol

Travel containers can be as big as suitcases to as small as a little tin container. Tailor your travel kit to your needs 🙂

This last tip is just a personal suggestion that helps me to figure out what I’d like to see or do…

Pre-Plan some of your trip

Take some time to pre-“explore” your travel destination to discover any of the crystal, witchy, metaphysical shops in the area you may be traveling to!

It’s always nice to shop small and support local practitioners in their craft. Plus, who doesn’t love finding a cool little witchy shop in a new town?!?! There’s ALWAYS something interesting to find which may not be available in your local community.

There’s this wonderful tool called the internet which allows you to access all this information to dive into what shops or attractions are going to be in the area your traveling to. I recommend this little secret not many people know about: Google. com which will answer any of your curiosities. Try typing in the name of the city and state your traveling to along with keywords like ‘metaphysical shop’ and have fun going down that rabbit hole.

Getting an idea of shops, events, etc. beforehand also gives me an idea of how much I need or don’t need to pack. If I’m traveling to Nowhereville then I know there’s not going to be anything to see, do, or purchase which then helps me properly plan for packing as well 😉

I hope some of these tips and tricks have given you some great ideas for the next time you are going to travel! Have you experienced any TSA horror stories? Because believe you me I have quite a few myself lol

Have any other suggestions or ideas when it comes to traveling? Please comment down below and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest your thoughts and experiences! As always feel free to click the link below to watch the full video! Thanks for taking the time to hang out with me today 🙂 Much love my Squirrely friend!

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  1. I own a tiny witch shop, and I love when travelers find me! It’s a great way to connect with a bigger network, find new trends/products/artists/practitioners, etc. I make a point of doing the same and buying a little something whenever local Google finds me a new place on the road. I love meeting new people!

    When I travel, I bring a little purple pouch with me with some crystals and tokens, plus usually one tarot deck and a witchy book for airplane reading. Remember, no matches or candles in your travel kit!

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  2. Great tips
    Fun to read and mull over
    Travelling further afield is in the dream state
    Layered under a couple of other layers
    After reading your article hmmm I may pluck up the courage and fly off who knows where

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  3. jeremiahmyer says:

    some really good tips! I’m planning a trip [long last and one of a lifetime] to Scotland with side trips to England and possibly Ireland and would love to include “witchy/Pagan stores in my travels there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heck YEA!! That sounds like an AHMAZING trip!! I hope you have an awesome time! I bet you are going to find so many cool shops!!


  4. Great post! I always carry crystals with me no matter where I go. But amethyst is a particularly good stone for long or short trips. One of amethyst’s properties is to protect the traveler.

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