My Tarot Deck Wishlist

If your like me…

You have a list of must-have decks that is forever growing! Occasionally I will go through and “clean up” this list removing any decks I feel I would no longer connect with, but more often that not I’m just adding and adding! lol

Personally I keep my list on my phone (as I’m always on it) I just use the ‘Notes’ app so anytime I come across a deck that I NEED I can conveniently add to it.

One day wouldn’t it be nice to just magically have all the disposable income, buy them all at once and just clear that list? lol (I WISH) Could you imagine your postal worker cussing under their breath as their bringing all those packages to your home at once? lol

So without further ado and in no particular order…

The DreamKeepers Tarot created by Liz Huston is a 78 card deck that took 10 years to create and has evolved into it’s 3rd edition during the time of writing this post. All of the artwork is original paintings by Liz and can be purchased directly from her site. The cards are borderless with the exception of the cards title at the bottom of the cards. Standard tarot sized on 310 gsm card stock coming in a tuck box which includes a little white book.

The cards have this imaginary dreamy quality to them. I feel like there’s a live action fairy tale movie that comes to mind when I see these cards and it certainly triggers positive memories looking at the cards. I’m not confident this will be a regularly used deck which I have not purchased it yet, but who knows, maybe I’ll be wrong? For now it’s just a deck that I would like to include in my collection so it will patiently wait on my wishlist!

Next up is the Blood Moon Tarot by Sam Guay! Honestly with this deck I don’t have much information to give you at this time. What information I do have is not so positive. But let’s start with the good stuff first…

The art is BEAUTIFUL! ….the end! Checking his site there are no preorders being taken for this deck although you can sign up for the newsletter to be made aware of when this is going to happen….

This deck was a Kickstarter campaign that got funded on ….wait for it… MAY 22nd of 2018!!! With the delivery goal of DECEMBER 2018. The last update was made a month ago in November of 2019 and it seems the decks still haven’t been printed!

My heart goes out to all the backers of the project because honestly if I was in their shoes my patience would have burned out A LONG time ago! So… in the meantime… as someone who is not financially invested in this deck I will continue to check in when I remember and see if there is any progress! For obvious reasons I think you know why this deck has only remained on my wishlist 🙂

The Dust II Onyx Tarot Deck is SUCH a beautifully crafted deck with an even more important message within its art. Addressing the inequality of African American’s in history the deck even boasts in its title ‘A Melanated Tarot Deck.’ Created by artist Courtney Alexander is a 78 card mixed media collage paintings accented with holographic and metallic foils, larger than standard size and matte finish…just what I like 🙂 As much as I would be honored to add this deck to my collection it does boast a hefty price tag of $148 which one day I will break down and buy!

The Crow Tarot by MJ Cullinane is a deck that has been circulating around the tarot community for quite some time now and I have only heard nothing but positive things about it! Probably once a month through general conversation someone will bring up the fact that they have it, they love it and they suggest I get it too! The deck is actually VERY affordable at like $17 off Amazon so I really have no excuse not to get it I just suppose other decks keep taking priority. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want or wont get this deck!

The Ashley Cook Tarot created by….you guessed it….Ashley Cook is a colorful fun little deck I came across randomly on a friends channel recently! Independently created and funded on Etsy, Ashley is from the UK and utilizes several art mediums to create her work. This deck definitely gives me Spolia Tarot vibes in the art. Very bright, vibrant almost collage style art which is out of my normal taste but has a fun and funky feel to it!

Lastly, The Darkness of Light Tarot by artist and designer Tony DiMauro is a 78 card deck designed for historical significance, divination and collectibility. It totally gives me Game of Thrones vibes without that cheesy forced marketing feel. The cards certainly have this solemn, cold almost matter-of-factness about them. I don’t know what it is about Tony’s art that translates so well for me but something about this deck grabs my attention. Again, I feel like it triggers subconscious tastes that even events like renaissance fairs make me so happy and I can’t put words to it! This just gives life to that same feeling! I feel like this would be a great working deck and I also feel like it would bring a different voice to my collection than anything I own!

So what decks do you have on your wishlist? Even better…do you own any of the decks on my list? If so I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and experiences on them!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. The Ashley Cook Tarot deck thank you to you has now caught my eye
    Paulina Cassidy fingers crossed will give us her Phantasma Tarot deck I have not seen it pop up of late perhaps I need to practice searching a good bit more
    Paulina Cassidy ohh such artwork
    The Wind in the Willows Tarot Deck once in a blue moon sort appears when searching then disappears this deck is a must have… said in a big loud voice
    The Little Prince Tarot Deck is also on my old fashioned written list
    Anna K Tarot deck was recommended to me by a lady I met by chance this I am hemming and hawing about

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    1. Ooo some new names I haven’t heard I’ll def have to google them thank you for this 🙂


  2. Hi there, joining in your conversation, I have the Anna K Tarot, I think it’s the 2nd Edition with the booklet. It’s actually a lovely deck, although trying to shuffle the cards is a bit tricky – it’s a very thick deck when you stack the cards together. I love her drawings. Maybe it’s this particular edition???but I feel the cards are quite dark; it would have been nice if they were a tad bit lighter to see the drawings clearer. It is a used deck, but after the New Year, if you’re interested in this particular edition, please feel free to contact me on my blog/or: email. [The Bodhi Tarot]

    Update: Brian, this tarot wish-list blog post sent me straight back to Ebay 😊. I’ve now ordered 2 decks which are on their way. The Shakespearian Tarot [with quotes on the cards], and the Everyday Enchantment Tarot. Happy New Year!

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    1. 🤣🤣 I’m happy to be an enabler and excited for the new decks you have coming! Happy New Years to you as well 🐿


      1. The Weaver Tarot is divine. I watched your You Tube video; I don’t think I could choose, I’d have to have both decks. I really like the music you chose – it didn’t overwhelm and flowed well with your presentation of the decks side-by-side.

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      2. Well thank you 🙂 haha I clearly didn’t choose lol


  3. Oooh Ashley Cook deck, This is going on my list. I can see myself in Ibiza with this deck reading on the beach x

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