Sacred Destiny Oracle

The Sacred Destiny Oracle is created by Denise Linn and published by HayHouse Publications. This is a 52 card deck to “Discover the landscape of your Soul.”

I initially came across images of this deck somewhere on the wide web and over the Black Friday weekend HayHouse had a 50% off sale so I thought…why not? For only $10 it was totally worth the purchase!

The cards are bigger than a standard tarot deck and are a thicker quality with a matte finish. All of which I LOVE! The cards are still easy to riffle shuffle and if your familiar with the Spirit Animal Oracle deck it’s very much the same quality wise but a bit easier to handle as there are less cards making the total thickness of the deck less bulky!

Pictured above are some of my favorite cards in the deck. There are different styles of artistry throughout the deck but I don’t find this distracting at all. For some reason it works for me! A nice blend of photoshopped/photography/almost scrap book look with really rich colors, depth and movement to each of the pictures.

If you are an intuitive reader this is a fun deck to just sit and dive into the cards and really explore the worlds pictured! Normally borders can be bothersome to me but I think this is tastefully done. It almost creates a doorway or window into the world pictured which is nice!

My only complaint are the cards pictured above. Now listen, I know they are EXACTLY the same thing….I am dense but I’m not a total nutty Squirrel! I just feel the phrases are close enough, and with 52 cards it’s in my opinion that it wouldn’t have hurt for 2 to have made the cut! Maybe that’s just me? What are your thoughts?

Overall, even for its normal asking price of $20 this is a good oracle deck! Between the quality of the cards and the imagery it’s worth a buy if the deck intrigues you! If your a fan of the little books included then you’ll love this chunky monkey as well!


As always if you have this deck leave a comment below on your thoughts or experiences and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest!

Click below to watch the full flipthru and see every card included in the deck…

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  1. The landscape of the Soul as this deck presents is rather radiant and beautiful
    The bird imagery shows that the Soul takes flight and rests when needed
    How wonderful that you and deck met each other

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  2. The art is beautiful!

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  3. I think I see the essential difference in these cards. Purification is an act of becoming, Purity is a state of being. Standstill is often an externally-imposed constraint (“brought to a standstill”) while Stillness is more a form of self-discipline.

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