Creative fun ways to upcycle Autumn pumpkins into Yule decor

If your like me and go a little bit nutzo in the buttzo during Autumn buying little pumpkins and gords to decorate your house with what do you do when the season is over? While there are many options some of which involving composting or even the trash (esp if composting is not an option and they get all nasty and rotted) but why waste a perfectly good pumpkin when you can save a little money and have a little fun making some holiday decor?

What I like to do is a fun, simple and inexpensive way to turn Halloween pumpkins into Holiday “presents” under the tree!

If you have a color theme on your tree this might be a little easier. Pick out a few spray paints…. or I suppose you could also do regular paint, I just go with spray paint as it’s a faster process, but you do you! Choosing colors to match your color theme, or heck choose whatever colors you like and make you happy πŸ™‚ Paint the pumpkins however you like…the goal is now turning this “pumpkin” into a little nature present to put under your tree!

I also like to make a tree skirt out of natural branches. Another good way to save money instead of purchasing a tree skirt, when buying your tree ask them to cut some of the bottom branches off for you to use for this process. Or, you can always buy garland to use which is what we chose to do this year. Once the skirt of your choice is laid now place your new presents under the tree…

The finished product is a beautiful tree using all natural products that can fill your home not only with the beautiful smells of the season but plenty of cheer! πŸ™‚

I also like to forage for some pine cones (or you can buy a bag of them at your local stores for a relatively low cost) and litter the pine cones giving it a more natural vibe!

Have any leftover ornaments? Fill bowls or containers around the house to spread more of the Holiday cheer! The leftover garland I used under our TV stand ( we live in a modest sized apartment) so this was the perfect area to hang our holiday socks and I felt give it a little Yule TLC.

Lastly…I saw this decor idea in a handful of vintage stores and loved the concept! They simply took old music books and rolled them up into little tubes for decor! Granted their’s were a bit more elegant using red ribbon on them but I just had some string laying around and it didn’t turn out too bad did it?

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration or great ideas for Holiday decor around your home for the season! What are some fun crafty things that you like to do to decorate your home for the holiday? Comment below and share with the rest of the Squirrel Nest! Much love and Happy Holidays to you all πŸ™‚

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  1. It looks lovely, plus you had fun creating the atmosphere!😊 Happy holidays to you and yours β­πŸ™

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  2. Wonderful decorative ideas have come to-gether now
    What a beautiful tree and decorations
    My Granny was creative Christmas crepe paper and paper chains brought cheer to the living room
    Greatings cards hung on string are one of my favourite things

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  3. P. S.
    Your Xmas stockings are lovely Santa knows whose stocking is who
    Granny used thick big socks of my uncles to hang up on Xmas eve
    Our socks had our names hand written on odd bits of paper pinned on them
    Recycling was second nature for Granny
    It’s wonderful to have this passed on and know that you encourage others to continue to revamp remake reinvent

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