My Oracle Deck Collection 2019

Alright Baby Squirrels we are finishing wrapping up 2019 with my Oracle Deck Collection for this year 🙂

Similar to how we did My Tarot Deck Collection 2019 I will NOT be spending countless hours writing on every single deck I own! I WILL however list the decks featured and link any posts I have already written content for!

I will also encourage you to head over the my YouTube channel by clicking the link below to watch the video and to get my impressions and overview of any of the decks! I do include time-stamps in the bio so if you wish to jump ahead and see a particular deck you may 🙂

Much love my Squirrely friend and cheers to a fun 2019!

Decks featured in the video:

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you
    Three Cheers for you and your creative projects
    Oracle cards are wiggling their way into a new way of opening up the day

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  2. I had a reading done by a Friend of the Spirit animal Oracle and I was very impressed.

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