My most anticipated Tarot and Oracle Decks for late 2019/Early 2020

If your new here to the Squirrel Nest, or even if your returning it’s never a loss to be reminded that I like to raise awareness about decks (both Tarot & Oracle) that are in the process of creation. Some are still in the planning phases, some have active crowd-funding campaigns and others are taking pre-orders for the decks.

I will go through, starting with decks I have personally backed or purchased and as always throw in some bonus decks that I will not be purchasing. I think that being a deck creator is a phenomenal act of creation that I would never want to experience, lol however I give nothing but love to every artist for their craft and what they are accomplishing with their dreams. I’ll talk more on it later however I will say just because I am not backing a deck, does not mean that I do not find it amazing! It is just not for me, but it could be for you, which is why I still want to mention them.

This year I backed a few decks on Kickstarter that I saw and knew I had to have. I think that early on in the year I was a bit trigger happy with my deck purchases which is why this list is longer than the rest. I have come to find that I am now taking my time before ordering a deck. I’ve come to realize that I am not going to love every purchase, which is ok, but I also do not consider myself a deck collector, or feel the need to own a plethora of decks!

The Heretical Fates Tarot

The Heretical Fates Tarot is a KickStarter deck created by Holy Cow Press was launched earlier in 2019 and was rather quickly funded. Just over 1,500 backers pledged over $100k to make this project come to life which is highly anticipated to release in November 2019.

This decks imagery and walk-thru will certainly only be available for 18+ viewers and only featured on my Youtube channel as I can control age restrictions on viewing unlike here on the blog. Clearly this deck is filled with nudity and as a spoiler alert is not for anyone that has a problem with nudity and the human body in both male and female forms!

One of the things I most appreciated about this deck was the body positive imagery within the cards. We see all shapes, sizes, colors and conditions of the human form which is indicative of real life and not exclusive. We see a pregnant lady, a woman in a wheelchair and various other images that are the true reality of the world we live in. This for me, combined with the amazing photo-realistic graphic arts and a true form spin off from the RWS imagery make me feel like I will be able to connect with this deck.

I’m curious if this deck will have a little bit of a more serious and darker tone to it’s messages as alot of the images have a darker theme to me. It seems very shadow like but also hopeful at the same time with vibrant beams of light emerging from parts of the card to also indicate a bit of hope. More to come when the deck is in hand….

The Sabbath Tarot

Onward with the theme of nudity, another recent Kickstarter campaign is The Sabbath Tarot by photographer, artist and creator Allan Spiers. This is DEFINITELY going to be another age-restricted YouTube only review that will not be for the faint of heart. It also is not for anyone that does not like nudity, the male form, does not like or have a problem with homosexuality and without having seen all of the deck yet who really knows at this point what’s all going to be in it!?! The Sabbath Tarot looks like something out of a gay fantasy porn to be completely honest, so if that’s not your thing, no worries keep it moving…

Estimated to be released in December 2019 this deck nearly doubled it’s required pledge of $25k with only 520 backers. This 78 card deck will have red matte edges, UV detailing in the cards and gold foil. I’m sure the imagery alone is bold enough but the quality of the cards make this deck sound more appealing.

If you want dark, this deck is dark. I have no doubt this deck will certainly speak to the shadow side of readings. Very much with the feel of The Devil Card a giving in to lust and temptations I’m interested to see how this deck will work and read. For regular usage wise I don’t see me reaching for this deck often, however I am happy to give it a home.

The Oriens Tarot

Coming in at the highest grossing Kickstarter campaign is the Oriens Tarot. This project nearly raise a whopping $125k from almost 1,800 backers who are all excitedly waiting for it’s release in January 2020!!!

Created by AmbiSun, The Oriens Tarot is an animal themed card deck that reflects nature through mythical and ethereal means. This decks artwork is jaw-droppingly STUNNING! I would tell you to stop reading and go check it out, but I don’t want you to forget about me either 😦 lol But seriously…go check it out!

I am concerned that the art is certainly a huge stretch from any RWS imagery which I am anticipating struggling with a bit as a new reader. However I am confident as an intuitive reader that I will be able to draw a lot of information from the artistry of the cards themselves. Between the really cool usage of color tones and the animals themselves I am sure there will be more to learn once I can dive in a bit more!

All I know is that this cards quality is sounding like it’s hitting all of my check boxes for what I like in a deck. Standard Tarot size for ease of handling, matte finish ( LOVE ) with holographic gilded edges!!! If that isn’t nice enough THANK SPIRIT it comes in a nice box. Fold over hard box with magnetic lid! YES GURL! Deck creators take note…it doesn’t stop there…

Are you ready for this… Quote un-Quote

All cards stock used in production is FSC certified which means the paper used in making this deck have been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner. The Oriens Tarot Deck will also be supporting the Rainforest Trust


Can we get a round of applause for this amazing creator!

So yea, seriously…go check out this deck!

The Brady Tarot 2nd edition

Last Kickstarter of the day is The Brady Tarot, 2nd edition. At the time of writing, this project is still active on Kickstarter with 22 days left to go in it’s campaign! Already $10k over it’s goal this project is sure to be a winner with many people in the tarot community! If you were like me and foolishly wanted, but didn’t jump on the 1st edition boat, I say now is our chance!

I must say the ONLY thing I am disappointed with about with this project is that unlike the 1st edition it will NOT be coming in an awesome wooden box! There’s something about me and wooden boxes! πŸ™‚ I will say that it sounds like some improvements will be made in making the card size a bit bigger, removing any borders to feature the art work more and the card backs will be fully reversible!

This campaign will close on November 30th 2019 and is projected to be in hand by May 2020. So if this is something you want as well it’s time to put our patience pants on boys and girls! And yes, I’m talking to my fellow Aries… so I’m going to have to be practicing some out of sight-out of mind stuff because May 2020 feels like forever away πŸ™‚

25th Century Tarot

The 25th Century Tarot is a deck I mentioned in my last post I created in Feb. 2019….

( Wow…I had to look that up and I didn’t realize THIS ARTICLE was from that long ago, time flies sometimes)

… created by artist Ayla El-Moussa this has been a labor of love for over a year now. I recently spoke with Ayla curious about more details as far as release dates or any other information she could give me. Alas I was left with little and only the hope of a release date of mid year 2020.

Her artwork is a timeless but modern view of female empowerment. The deck has stark images with very clean lines and contrasting bold black and white’s making the images look amazing. Female models make up the characters of this spin off of a classic RWS deck. For those boujie Squirrels this will be an interesting deck to check out once more is released on it. Until then, gotta remember that piece on patience…

These last 3 decks are my honorable mentions that are MUST SEE decks for sure…

Although I personally chose not to back these decks it is not for lack of anything except my personal feeling and concern that I may not be able to connect with these. All 3 of them are certainly BEAUTIFUL artistry, excellent and trusted quality, but I’m not for sure they are for me. Many people have already pledged or begun preordering for these powerful decks that are sure to cause a positive stir in the community. In the meantime I will wait to watch and read more about them once they are out before I make a decision for sure to purchase or not…

The Starseed Oracle

The Starseed Oracle I am sure will have nothing but raving reviews once this beautiful crafted deck is released. Currently taking preorders on her site you can be apart of the first wave of tarot community consumers to get your squirrely little paws on this oracle deck too!

Created by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel with proven track record of crazy amazing level quality decks as The Work Your Light Oracle, The Starchild Tarot and The Moonchild Tarot. I am confident that The Starseed Oracle will not dissapoint fans. If I am remembering correctly this will be another Hay House Production, which Hay House has been blowing it out of the water here lately on the quality of the decks they are producing! Between the lux feel and durability of the cards to the amazing protective boxes they are on point!

The Starseed Oracle is clearly leaning heavily into the ‘Starseed’ theme which does not resonate personally with me. We see this theme throughout their other decks, which is easier to digest for me because it’s not so in-my-face so to speak. My concern is this deck is going to be too heavy into something that I do not personally identify with, which is quite all right! Not every deck is meant for me, BUT that doesn’t mean it doesn’t resonate with you…So if you haven’t already done so go check them out online, or on their social media and get on that preorder train if this is something you want!

The Weaver Tarot

From two very good friends of mine and AMAZING artists and deck creators: Brit June and Blaire Porter are releasing their first tarot deck The Weaver Tarot. Don’t let the words “their first” fool you…These ladies are the creators behind The Threads of Fate Oracle! From one deck idea they created 3 separate and beautifully individualistic decks through manipulation of the core artwork around the boho-esk themed images. Each deck with it’s own voice bringing different energies to the table, if your an oracle fan and don’t have this deck I am putting all the peer pressure on you now πŸ™‚

I have both the Shadow Edition and the Black & Rose Gold Edition which will FOREVER be in my collection. Both of these decks quality and craftwomanship are superb and in my opinion a staple in any oracle collection. I have no doubt that The Weaver Tarot will deliver high quality and strongly satisfied purchasers. They are currently taking preorders now so if this is something you are interested in, get on it!

Sadly for me the images are too vague and far off from the RWS imagery. I mentioned earlier I feel like I am still in the infant stages of learning the tarot. I have found my love to be in a traditional RWS deck as learning and memory recall is much easier for me. The more simple the deck gets and the more it strays from traditional imagery I get highly anxious that I won’t be able to use it efficiently. But, we shall see, as I love these ladies when I have some more disposable income I always love supporting people I care about in my life….So Brit & Blaire have patience with me and don’t judge me I still love you πŸ™‚

The Divine Masculine Tarot

Last, but certainly not least is The Divine Masculine Tarot! Created by two German artists the Kickstarter campaign quickly reached it’s goal and rather impressively has had a very quick turn-around. Funded in October of 2019 it is estimated to be released in November 2019. Pre-orders are still be taken for the deck if you were not one of the 380 backers that brought this project to life!

The artists were kind enough to send a small selection of their cards to various Tarot influencers on YouTube so it was cool to get a sneak peak of this upcoming deck! I will say that the quality of this deck looks amazing! Between the cool box ( you know I love a cool box ) the matte/rose petal finish, black edging and gold foil inlays among the borderless painted artwork is really stunning!

I have to say hats off to these guys not only for the quality of the deck but of their art as well. I could not image how long it took them to hand paint all 78 card scenes to even reach a point of saying “hey it’s time to make a deck!” Also for them to have such a quick turn around time from funding to release is ALWAYS nice to see in the world of crowdfunding….because….

Let’s be real….

Aries are not the only impatient people on this planet! lol We ALL, patience or not, would PREFER to have that Kickstarter backed project finished and in our hands YESTERDAY! lol


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  1. bittercoffeeho says:

    Omg these decks are amazing! I know what I’m asking for this holiday season!

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    1. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€£πŸ’― get your pen and paper ready to add to that Christmas wish list! πŸ™πŸ» Dear Santa…

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  2. Gosh
    A big thank you for your reviews
    Which I will definately re-re-read
    Lots to think over and how choose a new deck

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    1. Glad you enjoyed my friend πŸ™‚


  3. A little bird Said says:

    Very informative. Thank you.

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    1. Your very welcome my friend


  4. B says:

    I just got the Starseed deck last week. I really enjoy it — I’m glad there are some variations in the cards and not all of them have blue/star skies cuz that’s hard to glean more insights from. I used it to pull for two different people and saw how different the messages were, which gave me hope for the efficacy of the deck. WOW that Oriens Tarot deck though! That imagery is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. You are very welcome my friend πŸ™‚ That’s awesome you connect with that deck, I was hesitant about it and decided not to purchase it! But I do have the Oriens coming in the mail today I am so excited πŸ™‚

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      1. B says:

        I look forward to a review on it!

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  5. beawed says:

    Nice research on this collection!

    I’m super called to the Starseed and, well all of your honorable mentions!

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  6. So glad you came across my blog. Can’t explain how excited I am by the content of yours! Looking forward to the updates 😁

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    1. Thank you β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜πŸ™πŸ» I actually have a very cool updated video coming later this month where I have teamed up with some amazing people that specifically review indie decks! If you haven’t done so already make sure you subscribe to the channel and turn on bell notifications to see when that video comes out! We have a lot of exciting new deck releases that we can’t wait to share πŸ₯³

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  7. You’re feeding my tarot deck addiction (in a good way). Thanks for the introduction to some new – and amazing – decks!

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    1. You are most welcome πŸ™‚ I’m happy to be an enabler lol


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