My Haunted Life- Scary Paranormal Storytime

Like most people’s experiences with the paranormal, I grew up in a home with a lot of activity. It was because of these many experiences as a child and onward into my adult life that has shaped my reality not only of our own physical plane of existence, but that of the afterlife as well.

I am no stranger to experiencing other energies in many different ways. Whether it be visual, audio, physical sensory, etc. my “run in’s” with Spirits have always been unique. Much like we, as living humans, are all different and unique, there are still things I am learning as my experiences continue.

Some see this as a gift. Some a curse. I believe I’m somewhere in between on how I feel about this. I am in by NO means a medium, or a psychic, or honestly even know all the different categories or boxes of how we define ourselves or others. What I do know is what I know and that’s all that matters…

I know that my experiences started at a very young age. I’m far enough now in life that I could not even tell you how young I was. What I CAN tell you is what I experienced. That… I never forgot…

I grew up in a split-level family home, which is still considered ‘home’ today. I was in the downstairs living room when I heard my younger sisters voice calling me from the basement. I remember thinking that it was very odd to hear her in the basement. I thought I was alone downstairs? And why would she be in the basement by herself?

If this was a scary movie, this is the point in the movie when you would yell at the character on the screen…. ” NO STUPID DON’T GO IN THE BASEMENT!!!” But… this is real life…

So as any little confused kid would do I walked over to the basement door calling out to my sister asking why she was in the basement. Threw open the door to “catch” her down there… only to find I was greeted by someone (or something) that definitely was not my sister.

We have a pretty long basement. One that runs the length of the house. So not like a little hole, more rather like a giant space to hoard lots and lots of things over the years. The basement was big enough that there were several lights placed throughout the space that were manually operated. One being the light in the middle of the basement as you worked your way further back. Now, the lights had nothing to do with what I saw. Rather, the scope of the size of the basement and the LACK of light is what is most important…

I threw open the door of the basement calling to my sister who had been saying my name, almost teasing me, like “I’m hiding and you can’t find me.” Well, probably for my sake it was best that there was no need to go searching for the source of her calls because IT made itself very present once I opened that door…

Instead of my sister, located at the very back of the basement was a dark figure. Darker than the blackness that it was in. So dark you could see this dark mass in the darkness. If you have never experienced this, there is no other way I can explain that to you.

This dark mass had no distinguishing feature except for one thing. It’s eyes. It’s eyes were bright red shining globes that set in the middle of what I would assume was it’s face. And this… creature… let out the loudest guttural growl I have ever heard. The type of growl you hear in the horror movies where the sound affects teams are combining sounds.

– Let’s add the roar of a tiger. The rattle of a snake. The sound of a giraffe dying. O…and that noise a raptor on Jurassic Park makes…. and POOF… THAT’S the sound we’ll have our ghost makes when it makes it’s grand entrance! Something SO vial, something not human, something to make his skin crawl…

My immediate reaction of course was to scream back at this thing. Not because I was trying to be just as threatening as it was… but because I had probably shit my pants in fear! I slammed the door, ran upstairs crying the whole way. Only to find not just my sister, but my parents and our house pets all lazily lying around a few floors up. Of course no one heard anything. Only the commotion of a scared little boy…

This… this was the first of unfortunately many experiences in this home. Some, like the creature in the basement were clearly very threatening and intended to strike fear. Others, more curious, wanting to be seen and heard. The unfortunate part about experiencing all this as a child is the lack of being able to distinguish between the different intentions, no matter what they might be. They are all scary. If it’s not scary enough to experience these, the real terror is that of experiencing alone. When no one else in the home sees or hears or even believes.

If you’ve experienced other energies in your life, especially as a child growing up, let me know down in the comments below. What was your first experience with this and how did it shape your reality of life and death? Do you still experience things as an adult?

If you do… what is YOUR scary story???


To the people over at the UNSPLASH who provided all the pictures featured here on the post today! Unsplash is a royalty free website of independent photographers uploading a plethora of images for free download and royalty free use. I want to give mad props to all these people!!!!

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  1. Dyanna says:

    Reblogged this on ravenhawks' magazine and commented:
    I still have the occasional encounter.

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  2. my first experience sensing someone on the other side is when at just over a year old I moved into my grandmother’s house
    My grandmother’s husband of late was a strong presence
    not happy with something or other

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  3. I work as a soul midwife (palliative care) I also a spiritualist.
    I’ve always been aware of spirit.
    To me it’s just a different vibration
    Spirit world is all around us always connectied to us we just have to tune in.
    I have witnessed the spirit leave the body almost like slipping off a coat that can’t be worn on the next stage of our journey home.
    I love the way you talk of feeling energy.
    For that is what we all are.
    Energy can’t die or end it can only move on
    Keep writing I love it 🤗

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    1. Thank you for your kind words 🙏🏻🥰 much appreciated! Sounds like you have some interesting stories to tell yourself!

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    2. Spirit is indeed all around
      we are connected to the energy of so many lives
      Tarot reading and writing is a layered shared experience that reaches into many coats

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  4. I loved this! I hope you write more about your experiences. I am obsessed with ghosts and the paranormal. I watch all of the ghost hunting or haunting shows. My favorite is The Dead Files. I’ve shared my own ghost story on my blog, as well, about a ghost that came along with our new house. My 3 yr old daughter and I were the ones who experienced this ghost’s energy. It was very real and freaky. Check out my ghost story. For you to feel these things, you must have some kind of abilities. It’s never too late to hone them. Love your blog. Great energy!

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    1. Thank you my friend and I most certainly will! I was talking with a friend today and she gave me a great idea I think I’m going to implement ‘Spooky Sundays’ on my YouTube where we have live chat every week about personal experiences with the paranormal 😁 I think that would be a lot of fun

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      1. Sounds like a great idea to me, but I’m bias because I love the subject. 🙂

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  5. anj sad says:

    Ouuu, scary story perfect for Halloween, thanks for sharing. When o was young I experiennced strange occurrences with mirrors and to this day I can’t have an open mirror everywhere, if I have to use the bathroom I go in with my eyes closed.

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    1. That does NOT sound fun at all


  6. Gloria Terry says:

    Am glad our path crossed. Somehow they don’t sound scary to me.
    “Darker than the blackness that it was in. So dark you could see this dark mass in the darkness.” This here is my story. I still remember it so well, and this is over 30 years ago. I was too scared at the time. Now I long to experience it again…I have learnt from it. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. This was a fun read! When I was a child I’d have similar encounters of this nature as well. When I was young I kept seeing figures appearing in glasses and mirrors. Usually women. I get that as a child it’s scary and you think you’re crazy but it’s great to know you’re not alone!

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