The Wayward Dark Tarot review

The Wayward Dark Tarot

The Wayward Dark Tarot created by James over at the Pixel Occult is a 78 card Thoth-based Tarot. Relatively recently launched on Kickstarter the campaign far exceeded it’s financial goals in order to birth this deck into the world! Hands down…




Kickstarter campaign I have EVER been involved with!!! As an Aries, with little to no patience the short time line from backing to receiving the deck was MUCH appreciated! If I’m remembering correctly it’s only been shortly over a month! To put this in perspective I currently have decks I’ve backed in January and as of now almost November I haven’t received yet. It was very evident that James at Pixel Occult clearly is not a novice in creating decks.


The Wayward Tarot came in a tin container, perfect for protecting the quality of your deck, especially if you like to travel often with your deck!

A little black book was included with short and sweet descriptors. Although there is a more extensive online version available I wish more had been included in the physical book, but we’ll touch on that more later…

Also included with the deck are two cards to be interchanged out. I’ve noticed this with another deck I’ve purchased and honestly…I like that deck creators are doing this! If you are like me, more than likely you are purchasing the deck based upon the artwork that you connect with. It’s not only nice to see more of the creator’s art, but to be given the option to choose what imagery works for you is a nice bonus!

Two of my favorite cards are The Happy Squirrel ( is anyone really surprised by this!?!? lol) and The Hierophant! I honestly was not even aware ( or maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention ) that a ‘Happy Squirrel’ card was going to be included in the deck! So OF COURSE I lost my shit when I saw the card !!! lol Although the card takes a bit of a darker twist in it’s message of a dead squirrel…. hey, at least there’s a freaking squirrel in there right !?!? 🙂

The Hierophant is one of my favorite cards, in the majors at least, that really gave me a new insight into the message of the card through the creators imagery. The thing that stands out the most is the double faces which immediately hit me as duality. Almost as if one face is rooted here on this plane while the other is in the Spiritual realm!

The suit of Cups is by far my favorite in the whole deck! The artistry of the cups and water just translates well for me and the crescent moons snuck in there do something for me visually.

A few things that will trip me up using this deck…

Which I feel I should preface by saying I’ve never used a Thoth deck. I’ve never seen a Thoth deck. I don’t know jack shit about what the heck a Thoth deck is about! What I DO know is that its not a RWS system… SO…

I’m not even sure if what I’m about to mention is TYPICAL? of a Thoth deck, or if it’s just the creative liberty James took with the project….If you know, comment down below! Share with me and the Squirrel Nest so we can all learn….!

The Court Cards are as such: Princess, Prince, Queen & Knight. I think it’s interesting. But I’m not sure how that is going to read for me. I think the hangup for me is the ‘Knight’ as the ‘King.’ If you are a fan of the RWS system I’m sure you could understand why this would be a bit of a mental trip up…. but… no need to let it stop me!

One thing you may have noticed in the pictures, included at the bottom of the cards throughout the deck are the planetary corespondents. If one is knowledgeable about that I could see where this might add extreme value to the read. For a simple Squirrel like me, I’m completely lost. Unfortunately one of the things I wish the little black book did, is to expand on what the planetary/zodiac symbols mean and why they are paired with the cards chosen. Again, this is not something that will hinder me working with the deck. I just always like to learn a little more when I can ya know ?

Overall two paws and a bushy tail up review! Very fast and friendly experience backing this Kickstarter! Quality of the cards are really nice. Being a standard tarot size on 300GSM glossy card stock makes them durable and easy to shuffle and handle. And beautiful artwork…which if I’m being real is the main reason for purchasing this! BUT….I was not disappointed in any area!

You can check out all the nitty gritty details of The Wayward Tarot over at the PIXEL OCCULT website and purchase there if you are so inclined…

Want to see the full walkthru of the whole deck before you decide? Click below to watch the video…

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  1. Love that there’s a squirrel in there – fate! I’ve never used a Thoth deck either. Looking forward to a full report on how they work out for you 🧚‍♀️

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  2. interesting artwork
    interchange cards are a fun idea

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