Crystal Coffin DIY

It’s been a little time since I’ve done a fun crafting project. I have been so wrapped up in working with MY TAROT JOURNAL, which is an artist expression as well, that I haven’t really done anything outside of that. The other day I came across THIS VIDEO of what I’d call: A Craft-Tastic Project!!! A Crystal Coffin DIY !!! I just HAD to do it! It not only was super simple but also a lot of fun…

But first….! This was the PERFECT excuse to head over to my favorite craft store ( Michael’s ) and spend some money! So for supplies I got…

I will preface this by saying you can get WHATEVER supplies your little heart desires! That’s one of the many things that I appreciate about this craft project is how versatile it is! Whatever goodies catch your eye…get it! Have most of these things around the house? Use them! Want to forage for some gifts in Nature….do it!! There is NO right way to do this, I am simply showing you the way I did it!

If you need and/or want any of the supplies I have purchased above I will conveniently link the below list to the Amazon product for you to be able to purchase:

  • Black Spray Paint: I chose the Martha Stewart brand Matte Black which is for both indoor & outdoor use which is nice because I live in an apartment and don’t have a yard to go squirrel around in…
  • Paper Mache Coffins: I found this really cool 3 pack of paper mache coffins of various sizes that are cute and functional for this
  • Wooden Coffin: I went ahead and picked up this wooden coffin too because I wanted to make that little guy into a different function
  • Moss: A variety of moss I took home with me, and honestly, even for the 4 coffins I over purchased there! 2 bags is more than enough and you’ll have some left over for future projects.
  • Elmer’s Glue Gun
  • Glue Gun glue sticks
  • Mini Paper Flowers
  • Mini Bones
  • Crystals: I chose some crystals in the jewelry section that were titanium aura’s… I doubt they’re real but they have a lot of BLING and that’s all I wanted 🙂
  • Quartz crystals: These are some I had at home that I used for grids
  • Metal “Gold” Crescent Moon
  • Metal “Silver” Cross
  • Scissors I had around the house

Fast forwarding through the debauchery to be able to give you some SOLID advise… this project can get MESSY!!! If you will be working on this project indoors, like I did, I would lay down packing paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, overdue bills…whatever you have to lay down will help contain the mess and make the clean-up MUCH easier!


IF AT ALL you can do this project outside, please do! Despite the label saying “indoor” spray paint, it’s really not cool if you don’t open windows and doors! I QUICKLY learned that breathing in Martha Stewart poison is not fun or healthy!

I recommend doing 2 coats in order to ensure the black color is rich and fully covers your coffins. I gave roughly 15-20 minutes in order to let the paint set. This should be enough time so this process alone can take roughly 45 min to an hour…

So grab that Pumpkin Spice Latte while you wait… or heck, I started preparing the rest of the crafting materials and area for when the coffins were done…

For each of the coffins due to their depth it was a good idea to use some of that packing paper on the bottom. Use the ashes of your enemies if your really in the Holiday spirit! Or heck, why even do that at all ?!?! Make the inside of the coffin layered and have the moss climbing up the sides of the coffin if you want! It’s your project, do what you feel is right!

I would hot glue the moss in the areas that felt right to me. Then I would lightly glue the crystals and the bones and arrange them as I commanded! Personally I like the layered look. So between all the items I would do some over, some under. Doing this made it look more “natural” to me.

(As natural as a crystal coffin can look)

While I was doing the project I couldn’t help but think of all the ideas I started having for items I DIDN’T get. I wish I had found little skulls… or perhaps little succulents would have looked really cool!?! Or heck, get a little plastic skeleton to lay in the box and have the moss growing out between the bones?

Like I said…you can do anything with this project to make it yours! I love the different creativity and ideas…

The wooden coffin I glued the little metal cross on the lid of the coffin, and just simply lined the bottom inside with a little layer of the moss. I didn’t glue anything else into this because I thought it would be perfect to be able to use year round. It’s an adorable wooden clasped coffin that’s a nice size to keep some crystals in…

I’m gonna squirrel away some crystals in this and then the coffin will be perfect to rest in my sacred space. Heck, any of these really if you want to place around your house for simple decor, your sacred space, or altar… it certainly can be used for a variety of things depending on what you want!

I would LOVE it if you tried this project for yourself! If you make a Youtube video or a social media post, use #CrystalCoffin and tag me in the post so I can see what your amazingly creative brain comes up with! Want to just take pretty pictures and write a blog instead? No worries…!! Comment below the link to your crystal coffin so I can support you and your craft!

I hope this is not only a fun project for you! But perhaps a fun project for you to share with another! I know for me, quality time is important for feeling loved! Share this post, share the video, share your project with myself and others you care about so you can share the love!

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  1. an amasing craft project

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That makes me SO happy that you love this 🙂 it was SO much fun! And honestly if I lived near family I totally would have done this with my nephews, they would have had so much fun with this project! Do me a favor? Share this with any crafty person or family that would have fun with it! I’m trying to make it a “thing” lol if you can it would be greatly appreciated xoxo


  2. ve_lace says:

    Wow I really love this idea now to see if anyone is selling coffins in Australia

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  3. Leanne Richer says:

    Brian you need to get rid of your hot glue gun and switch to a LOW TEMP glue gun. I made the switch years ago and I have never seen a difference in being able to glue anything. Best yet you will never burn your paws again!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol that sounds like heaven bc this cheap gun drips crud everywhere and is just TOO intense for me


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