The problem? with man-made/ manufactured “crystals”

Natural Citrine in my experience is difficult to find anymore! I feel this sadness in my heart about this and I’ll tell you why…

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Anymore most of the time if I see any citrine it’s mostly baked citrine, or baked amethyst, whatever you care to refer to it as. Now most will argue until they’re out of breath about whether baked citrine is good or not (were all very adamant about this topic) but I’m not here to debate that. What I’m here to start a conversation about is what I’d like to call…

The Discount Crystal Epidemic !!!

What I mean by this, is the financial state or disposable income in general of what people are willing to spend, but their expectations of what they know, and how this has shaped the reality of what is available in the market…

It’s common to see many man-made crystals in the market these days because of what people in general are willing to pay. Why pay a high dollar price for Earth-made Citrine when I can pay for man made baked amethyst for cheaper right? Or, even better, let’s shed light on the man made ‘looks like a crystal’ flooding the markets from big manufacturers in China because it’s cheaper! Why pay high dollar for that rose Quartz tower when I could pay a few bucks for this piece of plastic that looks like rose Quartz?

Now let’s take this thought a step further. What about all the people that don’t know the different between a real crystal and a dyed glass replica ? Do you know how to tell the difference? Now we have a whole market full of consumers that have no idea how to tell the difference, so the only thing logical is the choice of price now.

We are all adults, I’m not here to debate the benefits of a real crystal to another material that you think is a crystal. My problem is now the set expectations of people for what the price of a “crystal” should be! At what point is the demand for the cheaper knock offs so high that the market is over saturated with fake crystals instead of people actually appreciating what comes from the Earth? 

 To me, I see this as a big problem! What are your thought?

CLICK HERE to watch the live Youtube discussion

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  1. Dyanna says:

    I agree that it is a problem. I don’t mind that there are fake crystals but I do not like that they are labeled as real because many people don’t really know the difference and rely on the vendor, to be honest.

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    1. I’m with you on that one! I feel that consumers (no matter what in the world they’re buying) should be informed themselves by honest transparent sellers so they know what they are buying. I wish there were standards that somehow regulated that or pushed for this transparency and education!

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      1. Dyanna says:

        It would be nice if integrity was as important as profit. Many would resent the regulations.

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  2. Gloria Terry says:

    It’s sad, it really is sad. We have to fake a stone? Oh man! I had that misfortune once and it pained me that I bought a fake crystal. It was the first time, it was cheap and I thought I was lucky. Before then I did not know that crystals could be faked. I learned my lesson or so I thought because I stopped buying cheap ones but then it happened again. This time, it cost some Euros and it was from India, where I thought would have the real stuff but it is fake. I still don’t know the difference between the real and fake ones so I’ve stopped buying.
    Thank you Pappa, this is eye-opening.

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    1. It really is sad and I’m sorry to hear about your experiences, it’s def happened to me before as well! I just feel there needs to be greater transparency regardless of the reasons for what is “better” it’s not acceptable to mis represent something!


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