Tri-State Gem & Mineral Show

The Tri-State Gem & Mineral Show was put on by none other than the Tri-State Gem & Mineral Society. (Go figure) Located in the quaint town of Joplin, MO. and hosted at the Tri-State Mineral Museum. Entitled ‘Rock-A-Thon’ (I thought that was kinda cute), this was the 21st annual event. The show had roughly 25 vendors; From rocks to gems, to beads to jewelry, fossils and minerals, gem identification, door prizes and more.

Everyone I met at the event was very pleasant. Eager to show off locally mined minerals and educate me about them. It was very intriguing to learn of local minerals in this area! It always fascinates me how people can just go out, dig in the dirt, and BOOM, you’ve got some crystals. (That’s a subconscious nod for someone to invite me to do this lol) I didn’t realize the variety of crystals that can be unearthed all within driving distance of where I live!

Most of the minerals available at this show were exactly that…minerals (and rocks). There was some bling bling there too, don’t get me wrong, you know Pappa Squirrel surely picked up some goodies! Though, as far as what you see on social media being the ‘popular crystals’, there wasn’t a lot of that in excess. But, that did not affect some of the wondrous finds!

Black Calcite

One of the crystals that (despite its crazy expensive price tag) I really wanted to invest in was this lot of Black Calcite. Formed in these crazy dagger-like shards this crystal surely impressed me! Now I’ve seen ALL colors of calcite before…but never black! On the one hand I wanted to buy it all up, but on the other-hand not only was it expensive, but I wasn’t quite sure if it would sell. What are your thoughts? Have you ever seen this before?

I met a lot of really nice people at this show who took the time to teach me about their minerals and have patience with my ignorance. I must admit though: I’m really bummed about the lack of media awareness. It was a very common response to get “No website, no Instagram, no Facebook, I have an email but I rarely check it…” As someone who lives and breathes social media you can insert -_- that face… but I went on with a smile.

The event itself was rather difficult to find online too. There is no Facebook group for the show or the society, although other local pages uploaded the digital flyer for advertising. The Mineral Society WEBSITE has no information on the show, and I’m not even it’s their official website. Then this Rock and Mineral Show WEBSITE has the basic info for the event (not including the advertisement flyer) and only a phone number to call for information. Again, enter the face of disdain -_-

It just stinks because I find joy in helping others. It’s fun for me to create content, especially if it benefits others in some way. So it just kinda stinks that I have no vendor I met that I can tag either through this blog, or the Youtube video, or Instagram posts, but I can’t even tag the group that hosted it! Much less even an email to freaking email them so they can see this!?! lol So…I suppose this is one of those diamonds in the rough! Almost like that 3rd world colony living deep in the jungles, the one that you partied with and the stories are all you have to bring back! Ah, memories! If anything, hopefully this will raise some kind of awareness for their fun show!

As an added bonus, it was hosted inside the Mineral Museum! And guess what ? Because of the crystal show, that day the museum was free to explore! Heck yes! Designed like your actually walking through a cave and excavating the crystals yourself, it was fun to see and read about all the crystals and minerals. Plus they had history of the miners and the tools themselves. Of course a bunch of those creepy old black and white photos that transport you back in time too. An added bonus, the museum has resident cats! Who doesn’t love crystals AND kitties !?!? 🙂

If you would like to check out the video click down on the link below. Moving forward I decided to create a new Youtube channel for CrystalzRUs, expanding the brand, but providing video content of all the fun shows and shops I travel to. Make sure to subscribe while your there and help this little crystal channel grow! If this is your first time to my page and don’t know what CrystalzRUs is…CLICK HERE to read all about it 😉

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