Denver Gem & Mineral Show 2019

WOW…can I just say WOW !?!? I have never in my life been to a crystal show that is SO massive, it was just unreal! The “main” complex where the show was held was divided between 5 buildings, both inside and out, along with 4 local hotels hosting hundreds of vendors both inside and outside! I feel like even if I had taken off the entire week I’m not sure its even humanly possible to have seen all the crystals available!

It was a sea of crystals as far as the eye could see…

The Denver Gem & Mineral show boasts to be the largest Crystal show in the United States, according to their site. Now I thought Tucson was supposed to be the largest, but you know how that goes, is it determined by the number of vendors? How many locations its in? The square footage? What? Either way…whatever the determining factor for this statistic is, it certainly was very impressive!

We spent 2 days and 12 hours shopping & still didn’t see it all…

The show was comprised of crystals, minerals and fossils…sometimes there is no words for beauty! It truly was a system overload that half way through the day exhaustion took over REAL quick! Talking to one of the vendors about this he made an astute observation…He said he heard people remark often at how tired they were half way through the day and his opinion is ‘overload.’ “The brain is working overtime without resting. It’s so many beautiful things to look at here! So many colors, textures and new things you have never seen. Your eyes and brain are trying to process all of this information constantly so by the end of the day burnout occurs.” I’m not a doctor, but I know what I and others experienced and that sounds about right to me lol. šŸ™‚

There was such a wide variety of crystals available! Many of which you recognize, or at least have heard the name of. Then there were many more you have never seen or heard of! This, for me, was the exciting part of the show. Most vendors were the people that mined the gems themselves and brought it straight to this venue. They specialized in mining one specific gemstone, and did it well! I joked around and called this ‘Mine to table.’ lol Ya know? Like farm to table? Nevermind…. lol

Becker Stones

From the Amethyst mines in Uruguay was the perfect example. They had THOUSANDS of these BEAUTIFUL, DEEP, RICH purple amethyst stones that they excavate and sell. These lovely geodes on the stands were SO adorable! They had everything from free-forms to geodes as big as a car!

Mine to Table…

While I was there I took advantage of this opportunity to network directly with the mines and handpick some quality crystals to bring home just for you!

Pink Amethyst, Pink Halite & Apophyllite (pictured right) are a few of the select crystals that I picked up for sale. If you are interested in these or any other of the beauties feel free to contact me on my INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK directly and I will be more than happy to send you pictures/videos. Help me find a loving home for these beauties!

At the end of the day this was an AMAZING experience that I am so grateful to have been apart of! There certainly is a ‘high’ being around all these crystals and high energy all day! My favorite part for sure is being around others that share similar passions! Being able to network and make friends with so many people is really what makes the experience the best! I highly recommend if you have never been to a crystal show, no matter how big or small, google shows in your area and make it a point to go, you wont regret it! šŸ™‚


The Walk-thru of the experience showing off all the beautiful crystals, minerals & fossils

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  1. Dyanna says:

    Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I love crystals and gem stones! I have them all around me when I write. They make me feel good. So happy I found your blog. Love the amethyst the most! Great article.

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    1. Iā€™m happy you found my blog too šŸ„°

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