2 Month Social Media BREAK

Guess who’s baaaaaaaaacccckkkk !?!?! 🙂 No, not Slim Shady, me silly!

After a 2 month vacation from social media I have decided it is time to come back to something I love, content creating! When I had made the decision to step away from being active online I had both internal and external struggles and stresses in my life. I was not in the best place emotionally or physically. I choose to step away to not only practice self-care, but to take care of the major stressors happening at that time ie. changing jobs, moving, etc.

Long story short, I’m finally in a better place. I’ve moved, settled and treating myself with the respect I deserve!

I’d love to write all this out but to be honest I’d rather finish my coffee and go out and live my day. If there’s one thing I have learned from taking my nose out of my phone it’s how to be present. To pay attention to and appreciate the people and situations that are happening in front of me. To foster these relationships, to live and experience them to their fullest! It truely has given me a new appreciation for life. I want to continue living like this, while balancing what else I love…creating content! Finding that balance will be key! How do you approach balance in your life?

O yea… speaking of that coffee… Below is the video of all the fun details of my lessons learned below…go watch it 😉

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  1. Welcome baaack! 😀
    2 months isn’t TOO long of a break from social media. BUT I’m happy to see you beaming with such positive energy! I took a peek at your YT video but had to get going and couldn’t watch the remainder. What’s next on your agenda since relocating?

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    1. Well thank you my friend 🥰 Honestly? Not sure, my possibilities are endless and I have several things stewing to be honest! We’ll have to wait and see what doors life opens for me and the direction I’m meant to head

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      1. Remain open minded and open hearted and the right elements will come to you. Continue manifesting your true heart’s desires. In due time, it will happen! 🌙✨

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