The Myth of buying your tarot deck

Let’s imagine a reality where it IS indeed true that you MUST be gifted a tarot deck in order for it to work. Now, lets rewind time back to the beginning of the history of the first ever tarot deck. The creator makes the first deck, an intense labor of love and then gifts the deck to a friend. The friend awkwardly smiles and takes the gift not knowing what it is or what to do with it. So what does any normal human do with a gift that they don’t want…it gets re-gifted. After many times exchanging hands being gifted and re-gifted eventually the world’s first tarot deck ends up in someone’s kitchen junk drawer never to be seen or heard of again! The End! Round of applause, close the curtains.

Or what about that bad things will happen if your not gifted the deck? You’ll summon evil demons from the depths of hell itself? Well…then wouldn’t there be HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people plagued with death and demons?

The reality is, if the cards “wouldn’t work” or you could summon demons then there wouldn’t be such a mass market for the sale of tarot decks! Right? I mean there would be just as many negative reviews about the products not working as there were sales if that were to be true!

Popular theories explaining how this superstition came about analyzes this from two perspectives:

  1. During a time when tarot decks were not mass produced they were harder to come by. It was more common for one to be gifted a deck (vs. being able to jump on the internet and choose from thousands of designs from every country) therefore receiving a deck held far more sentimental value over being able to buy one. This however does not mean that the gifted deck is superior to the purchased one, it just means it’s more personal.
  2. Along with the internet came the rise of awareness and increased curiosity and education into the occult. Although tarot decks were beginning to be massed produced at this time there still was little to no information or resources available in order to learn the tarot. Most education on the decks were passed down knowledge from peers rather than the plethora of written information we have available today. Making the relationship between the person, and the gift a greater bond.

Whatever the exact reasoning the reality is that this superstition is just that, nothing more. The fact is that MANY people buy their own decks, including myself. I have NEVER heard of someone who suddenly has lost the ability to read or has claimed that they have been stricken with bad luck because they chose to buy a deck.

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  1. Fab topic – I have a confession; I’ve never been given a deck and purchased many over the last 25 years. Still alive to tell the tale 😁

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    1. *shocked* lol well what do ya know? πŸ™‚ happy to hear that as is well in your world despite having to buy your own decks πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€£

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