the Threads of Fate Oracle deck: Black & Rose Gold edition

The Threads of Fate Oracle deck …no more words are needed! Kidding, kidding! If you like a thick deck with beautiful imagery, then you have found your deck! With high quality card stock, gold foil art on both sides of the cards, velvet matte lamination and matte black edging. The accompanying box is stunning and perfect to house the cards in for life. The booklet is 120 pages with the same gold foiling artwork on it.

The original deck has a beautiful pastal art background but now there are two more options. Who doesn’t love options? Threads of Fate has now released the Shadow edition and the Black & Rose Gold edition. If you’re anything like me…this was a very difficult decision between the 3. Who wouldn’t want all 3!?! Have you SEEN the cards!?!? No…well keep on reading…

The Black & Rose Gold edition is a revised version of the original. The content in the booklet and the names of each of the 55 cards is the same. The difference is the backgrounds are new along with many of the illustrations. With this the white boarders have been replaced with a foiled boarder and the box is a rectangle instead of a square.

I have found this deck perfect for one card daily draws. It is also benefitial to pair with a traditional tarot deck to give further insight into a situation. The messages are simple to grasp even for a beginner reader as myself, but appropriate enough to have a deeper insight into situations that give appropriate advice or insight. The cards are simply stunning, which goes without saying, so if you like to photograph like I do then you will enjoy this deck even more. My only regret is that I haven’t purchased the other two editions yet 🙂

Check out the Threads of Oracle site: With all 3 editions of the Oracle Deck available along with gorgeous art prints and their Book of Days. Check them out HERE

Watch the video HERE

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