DIY Dreamcatchers

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make your own dreamcatchers at home but your ballin’ on a budget, then you’ve come to the right place. Wanted to learn how to make your own dreamcatchers but you’ve let excuses get in the way of you following through with your creative concepts? You’re not alone. Most people think: “I need all these products in order to bring my creation to life. It’s too difficult. I don’t have the time.” Among many other things. I’m here to tell you today that in fact you are letting your own self get in the way of your creativity and fun. That indeed you do NOT need a lot of tools or products in order to create your own dreamcatcher and that it is NOT as difficult as you think or time consuming.

***DISCLAIMER: If you have severe allergens to things like pollen, plants, trees, animals, nature, LIFE is general. This project is NOT for you! Please educate yourself on the “dangers” of the outdoors and know how to identify poison ivy, poison oak, bears, fugitives, werewolves and anything indigenous to your local area. ***

Now that we have that out of the way we will need our supplies. As a matter of fact, there is only one; yes I said ONE simple ingredient that you will actually need to purchase in order to make a dreamcatcher, and that is string. For all intents and purposes of making your first dreamcatcher ANY string will do! Heck, I’m even confident that if you check around your house, or a family member’s home, or even go ask a neighbor I’m confident SOMEONE has some string you can use and then this project is now completely FREE!

Assuming you do have to go purchase some string you can go to any of your local stores. [ Side note: Shop small. Support your local community. This helps everyday small business owners like you or I to make a living and support their family. This also helps to support your community. On average 48% of each purchase at local independent businesses is recirculated locally, compared to less than 14% of purchases at chain stores. ] If you don’t have any locally owned business’ or can’t get to one any of the ‘Dollar’ stores: Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc. will all carry this and guess what ? It’s only $1. Personally I like to purchase a hemp based string from Michael’s craft store which will cost you roughly $6 including tax. However this is not required.

Now that you have acquired your string there is only ONE other item you will need. For this we will go right outside your door and into your yard to get. If you live in housing that does not have a yard that’s ok. You can always go to a park or forest, anywhere there are tree’s really. What we are looking for at this point are vines. Again, please see the disclaimer listed above. Remember, knowledge is power!

We are looking for thick vines that grow on trees. I’m no botanist so unfortunately I can’t help you with any names of species of vines that are particularly good for this project. What I can tell you is to look for vines that are anywhere from 1/4″-1″ in thickness, are roughly a yard or more long and are maleable so that were able to bend the vine into the circle that we want. Once you have located your vine if you have a pair of gardening sheers this will make removal much easier, otherwise using brute strength is fine. Most vines I find if you bend, twist and pull they will easily break off.

Once you have your vine and your string you are ready to begin the project. If the vine I picked is a little of the stiff side I like to take time to be slightly bending it working my way from one end of the vine to the other. This breaks up the wood a little bit and allows for a more flexible textile to work with which will be important once we start to make the frame for our dreamcatcher. Taking one end of the vine and starting to form a circle, following the natural curvature of it, continue to loop the material around. After one full circle has been completed weave the end of the vine in and out of your circle each time. This will give the wood a place to “rest” so when realising your grasp and the wood expands it stops on itself holding the form you have created. Note: At this point you have made a wreath! CONGRATS!!!

Now that we have your vine wreath aka. dreamcatcher loop we can start the actual weaving process to create the dreamcatcher within.

***Please click HERE to watch the youtube tutorial on how to weave the string*** Cuz if your asking me to put into words how to do that part, then your askin’ too much!

That’s all there is to it!!!

I like to adorn my dreamcatcher with bits I forage from nature just to give it a little extra sumthin’ sumthin’. Fragments of moss, acorns, shells, dried flowers or anything really can be either weaved into the catcher. If you happen to have a hot glue gun this will ensure the adornments stay on properly.

What goodies do you like to use or have found work well with your craft? Comment below and share with the Squirrel Nest how you like to personalize your catcher by adding bits of Earth Spirit to it.

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